Monday, September 23, 2013

Boardgame Night: Chez Geek

So tonight was Chez Geek: House Party Edition. This game was quite fun, a card-based game that reminded me of Munchkin and Flux with it's own little additions.

You start out with a job that shows some features of your character as well as how many slack points you need to win. So basically you follow the order of play, managing visitors, doing activities, shopping and generally fucking over your roommates in order to reach the required number of slack points and preventing the other players from doing the same.

We played 3 times and I'm happy to say I won twice! The best part was when one of the other players had countless amounts of alcohol and weed in front of them. They were 1 point away from winning and I played a card that indicates parents are coming to visit so all booze and weed cards had to be discarded. This player went from 19 points to 4! Lucky for me...

The makers of Chez Geek were quite cleaver in making the cards. There were a few that really caught my eye, like the piercing. Gives you slack points however if you get another job with a higher pay rate or a raise you have to discard your piercing. But then that tattoo card (which also gives you slack points) cannot be discarded and you can never have a job or raise that gives you a higher pay rate than 4. Thought it was a neat difference between a tattoo an piercing.

I'd absolutely play this again.


Unknown said...

Ugh, I wanna play =(

Unknown said...

yea sounds like a lot of fun