Friday, May 25, 2018

Lyrics that make me yern

Sometimes I picture this happy life
Burning in the depth of time
Where sadness is a myth to me
Is that something you can give to me?

I picture this silent room
Humming with that silent tune
That my body sings when I get close to you
So hear me now, it might be ending soon

I picture that morning kiss
The death of pain and loneliness
You give me strength when you hold my hand
I'm that headless heart, that broken man

And as I'm walking around the void
And I hear that easy voice
That tells you when there's nothing left for you-
My darling I could die right next to you

Singing la da da da da da da
(La na na na na na na)
(La da da da)

[Verse 2]
And I can do what you ask
Before you ask it, let me have it
Give me nothing, but let me know you
And I will be there, just let me show you

Give me heartache if that means a reason
That I would continue; Please, I need them
Because you mattered, when nothing mattered
If I need something let me have her

I can be there, I can be there
All my secrets, come and see them
And I can help you as you hear me
I can feel you, baby please be near me

Come and find me in the shadows
Light a candle or just hold my hand because
You mattered when nothing mattered
If I need something, let me have her

Holy dancer, come and find me
In the darkness where I've been hiding
Oh you are my answer
My one and only
Holy woman, Oh my holy dancer

Give me that hometown by the train tracks
Only dancing with my silent face, I know
I had that, I once had that
Now that I'm broken, Baby can't I go back?

Be my refuge beneath the covers
You are my best friend, as you're my lover
Oh I just found it, I think I found it
'Cause your beauty blinds me and I'm surrounded

Singing la da da da da da da
(La na na na na na na)
(La da da da)

[Verse 3]
Now you can picture this broken boy
With dreams of things he can't enjoy
Speaking words he won't fulfill
And promising that it can happen but

With all the years, I have on my name
Living in a Grecian cave
Where nothing of a concrete world
Allows me now to love a girl

So is it better if I just bow my head?
My dreams are getting overfed
My fantasies are gaining speed
In the politics of make-believe

See ours is a distant shore
I am sailing there, but through a storm
A falling soul, falling slow and sweet
I'll meet you there, eventually


Or maybe it's fine
You see a lot of people die
And never find this, so


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

There's a paperclip resting on my countertop
Sunday morning I forgot
What it's like to lose a friend
Yesterday, how it seemed so far away
And I've said all I can say

[Chorus: Rayland Baxter]
Now it's time I get to going
Now it's time I get to find my own way
And I'll leave you lonely
I'll leave you lonely

[Verse 2: Rayland Baxter]
Now I'm on the road
Knowing not which way to go
Is it yes or is it no?
I don't really care

For the golden sun
Has washed me away and I've become
Just another vagabond holding my head

[Chorus: Rayland Baxter]
Now it's time I get to going
Now it's time I get to find my own way
And I'll leave you lonely
I'll leave you lonely

[Bridge: Rayland Baxter]
All in all it's a beautiful day
When I wake up all alone I cannot help but run away
Now I'm afraid that it's all in my head
Don't you know that it's all in your head

[Verse 3: Rayland Baxter]
So you rolled the dice
Melt the fire burn the ice
Find the girl with yellow eyes and go and break her heart

See that nothing changes
And I know not what I've become
A prisoner to everyone I've loved from the start

[Chorus: Rayland Baxter]
Now it's time I get to going
Now it's time I get to find my own way
And I'll leave you lonely
I'll leave you lonely

Anonymous said...

My heart breaks a little more every single day. For eternity.

Anonymous said...

You say you're yearning... but you are the one that decided to turn your back on (everything) me completely. Why? Why have you chosen this depriving way? I wait. I wait for that particular day that inevitably will come, when I see the look on your face when you come to realize what you've been missing out on. One spontaneous thought (decision) on that forgotten day changed everything. Could it ever be changed back for that better again?... That incredibly strong feeling inside yearns for that returned whisper.

Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah you really think she cares about any of that? Bahaha go away!

Anonymous said...

I should've brought popcorn instead of song lyrics.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me... wasn't asking for your opinion. This definitely isn't a place for you to freely condescend people. Squeezetoys replies or thoughts are obviously only relivent here. Your ignorance to think you know anything about what's truly being said here is extremely inconceivable and right down arrogant... Perhaps it's time for you to go away now!

*Would you like extra butter with that popcorn?

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Anonymous said...

Aww it got boring :( I was enjoying Legolas and the white knight. Guess I'll settle for the sour patch kids and skip the popcorn.

Anonymous said...

As you wish my dear, but I do insist having twizzlers instead, as it has been proven to always be more fun! 😉