Friday, September 13, 2013


Ever since I've started swimming for exercise and taking part in water aerobics classes I've been wanting a new bathingsuit. My bathing suit is a 2 piece and as much as I love it, it is not practical for water aerobics. For one, when we do volleyball jumps the top rides up and when we do resistance training with floating dumbbells they would get tangled in my skirt. As I've been losing weight the suit has fit less and less and I find myself worried my skirt will fall down with one jump and I will moon the whole bunch.

This morning getting ready for my workout I realized the chlorine has been eating away at my suit. There are patches where I can see the fabric basically disintegrating. My images of a skirt falling down were replaced with me walking from the pool as my bathing suit unravels and falls to the floor. That's it, I have no choice, I need to find one! 

I've already been to every store in town that carries suits with no luck so I returned to one that specializes in traveling and had the biggest selection. After perusing the racks I had an armful of about 15 suits to try,  varying styles and sizes. After talking to the girl who indicated chlorine eats Lycra and I need a polyester suit, my choice was cut in half. I tried one after one, I was pleasantly surprised to fine one that would just do...and one I actually liked. And I even liked it on MY body! 

Needless to says I found one, finally. It will do, paying over $80 was not in my plan however it's better than ending up naked in front of my exercise class and instructor!

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