Sunday, January 31, 2016

My epic leggings...

Cosplay planning

So I have an expo in April. Haven't dressed up for the last 3 I've been too which makes me sad and crave cosplay. I have a few ideas, top of my list being Gaige from Borderlands 2. I'm not talented enough to make my own costumes so I have to spend the big bucks when I want a well made accurate costume.

I found someone who makes the vest and skirt, I could silkscreen and cut a tee for underneath and I found leggings! I have my Jessica Rabbit wig I was going to ask a friend to cut and style accordingly. Then all I'm missing is the accessories; belt, goggles and of course that mechanical arm. Anyone have a Deathtrsp stuffed figure? Or someone feel like making a costume and tagging along as my pet?

My other possible idea is Elizabeth from Bioshock carrying a small Songbird. Any other suggestions? I have such a hard time deciding what is even possible and what will look good. Then to find the funds...

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Tall dark and douchy...

Stopped by the pharmacist today, waiting around and I notice this man stroll in. Tall, dark features, yes handsome, suit, sending this Mr. Grey vibe, chatting away in another language on a his cell phone. I won't lie, I took a second look. He strolls up to the counter, sneaking in front of 2 others who had been waiting a while, and stands there. A pharmacist working diligently to get through her pile of orders looks up, drops the paper she is holding and, like a zombie, walks to him, "Can I help you?" Meanwhile she's thinking, "Please let me help you, then you can thank me." He inquired about something, I can only assume syringes a they were discussing how many milligrams he'd have to 'administer' and needing a large quantity of the 'item' he was inquiring about. Two others from behind the counter soon drop their work and are by his side, offering to count the items, order more items, find alternative items, ring the items through. 

As I watched the scene unfold this tall, dark, handsome man transformed. If this were a Studio Ghibli movie he'd be walking tall, handsome, thin and as he approached the counter he'd begin to drip with ooze, he'd get shorter, his features would droop and melt, he'd steam and turn a sickly colour of grey. He'd glance around at those he's budding in front of, wave his hand casting a spell on those working causing them to drop everything and come running to do his bidding. He'd end up leaving with everything he'd need, having paid nothing, trailing slime behind him.

As this is what was going through my imagination as I watched him skip in front of others in line, interrupt the work going on and eventually talking himself into a very good discount on these items by playing dumb, having them recount and get confused by his charm and wording. He takes out his wallet to pay the 3 women (and now one man) standing behind the counter and glances my way, I meet his eyes and look away. He turns back to them, finishes his transaction and grabs his "items". People are yelling, "Have a wonderful day!" "Enjoy your holiday!" "See you next time!" As he walks by me he catches and holds my eye, holds out the bag and sneers. His features continue to melt and globs of slime hit the floor as he strolls down the aisle towards the door.

Good looks are superficial, he had a lot to go with and wastes it with abuse. Think of how'd he'd change if he'd strolled up, flashed a perfect smile,offered the older lady sitting on the bench his spot in line and complimented the pharmacist who first helped him. He probably would have got his 'items' for free and left with magic and tiny flying dragons trailing behind him. I suppose, the world needs villains. Just hope no one slipped in the slime.

Sunday, January 10, 2016


Ok boys, do you like a woman who gets her nails done? Or do we mostly do that for ourselves?