Saturday, March 31, 2012

What is in your glass tonight?

So I tried making my own piƱa didn't work but it's drinkable! Tried throwing a frozen banana in the second batch but it didn't really help. Now unfortunately I am out of Malibu.

Sunday Movie Night: Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

After reading the book I watched the Swedish version and was not impressed. I decided it was time to watch the American version and see if it met my expectations.

The first positive I knew, even before seeing the movie, was the casting met the image I had created in my mind of each character while reading. When reading the book I pictured Mikael in my mind as this oddly handsome man and Michael Nygvist did not meet the expectations my brain had imposed. Daniel Craig was a much better match for me, he has the rugged handsome that was needed. Lisbeth's was good in both movies but I felt Rooney Mara did an amazing job and she came out on top.

The American version stayed very close to the story line and there was only one difference that really bothered me (at the end). The story moved really quickly at the beginning and watching it with someone that knew nothing of the story resulted in me having to explain a few things, mostly about character development. There are a few sensitive scenes in the novel as we all know, and they were displayed on screen as they should be. Brutal and horrifying yet not providing more than the needed time and exposure.

I must say that the scene of Lisbeth's revenge on Bjurman was oh so satisfying and very well done.

I would highly recommend this movie and the book. This was one that was done well enough you will not be furious after going through both.

FINALLY!! and FINALLY brings you to my blog! The process...well lets see.

March 22nd:
  • I entered the required information to redirect my custom domain to my Blogger blog, reviewed instructions from Godaddy and Blogger to ensure I completed everything correctly.
  • To ensure I had entered everything correctly I asked Godaddy support to check. I was told to wait 24-48 hours before asking for support.
March 23rd:
  • Waiting patiently checking every few hours
March 24th:
  • Requested support as it was not working 48 hours after making the changes
  • Godaddy replied with a standard e-mailing containing instructions, I scrolled through seeing everything I had already completed.
  • Advised Godaddy that I had already completed these steps.
  • Godaddy replied blaming Google for it not working, advising I contact them.
  • Searched and searched for a way to contact google and settled on posting on their support forums.
  • Back and forth with someone on the support forums for Google, made more changes still not working.
March 25th:
  • Decided to forward my domain instead of redirecting.
  • Made the changes according to Godaddy's online instructions
March 26th:
  • Asked for support as it is still not forwarding
  • Godaddy sends me the same instructions as are available online
March 27th:
  • Wait 24 hours and still not working
  • Godaddy advises I have the wrong IP for the A Record (even though I had followed their instructions earlier). They make the changes themselves and advise to wait 24-48 hours again
March 28th:
  • Still not working, I ask for assistance
  • Am advised to wait 24-48 hours before anyone will assist
March 29th:
  • is working but not I ask for assistance (tired of even checking my DNS anymore which I probably should have as I would have spotted the error)
  • Ask for support and am advised that everything is working fine and that I must submit screenshots
  • Reply it is not working and directs to an error page
March 30th:
  • Receive an e-mail from Godaddy support that my WWW CNAME had been removed so they fixed worked instantly after that, no more waiting 24 hours!
So finally it is working. 8 days of back and forth, wonder how much that cost them in staff hours of replying to my annoying e-mails. They could have just helped me in the first place. The redirect never did work and I am still unsure if it is Godaddy or Google's fault as they blame each other. Oh well, forwarding is fine. I think this is good enough motivation to not move my blog again!! GAH!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Forwarding it is...

After several back and forth e-mails between Godaddy and myself, as well as forum posts on Blogger support forums, I am still unable to redirect my custom domain to my blog. Very frustrating and Godaddy blames Google and of course Google is impossible to get ahold of so even if it is their fault who cares! Hopefully this will work and I can stop messing around with my DNS!

On a side note, it's Monday!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday's workout...

Lets see if I can do it twice! Thank you Back On Point!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Friday, March 23, 2012


You ever have one of those lunches where you just want something bad for you. Then you get something that looks absolutely disgusting and you're almost embarrassed to eat it? Well that was my lunch today. In order to save some cash I ran home for lunch and warmed up a frozen pizza.

I usually do these pizzas in the oven and they turn out really good but today I had no time so I popped it in the microwave and threw some extra cheese on top. When I pulled it out it was blown up like a balloon! It deflated and I brought it to the table. I must say that the texture was like thick soup on a brick. Once I was able to look past how it looked and felt I will admit the flavour was still great!

I thought I would share the beautiful sight with you for full effect.

My Spring

We have no snow all winter and spring arrives and the snow hits!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


This still makes me laugh


Wishing it was simple to redirect a is not. Still working on it while trying to stay calm. Tomorrow I can always seek help.


Here I am again...

So I attempted Wordpress and Google pages and am now back to Blogger. The main reason? Mobile apps! Now to move the domain...again