Monday, May 29, 2017


I just couldn't adult this morning. Left home to start my day and returned within an hour, to crawl back into bed. Was joined by these handsome fellows and multiple strange dreams.
Kiff curled up beside me and Meats purched directly on top of me. 

I guess I should get up and keep going...

Broken tunes

When I started running trails last year I got a pair of wireless earbuds. I hate earbuds, my ears are just not build for them. They never stay in and I hate the way they feel. I have a really hard time finding any that will even fit and stay in my ears comfortably. Adding the need for them to be wireless just makes it even more impossible to find any.

For my plyo and interval training, with lots of fast movements and jumping, I resorted to wearing headbands over my ears just to hold the earbuds in. It worked. Well, the left bud has konked out on me. I've been using them for all my workouts for the last year so maybe this is the normal life expectancy for lower cost earbuds? I'm still annoyed.

I ordered ones on Kickstarter that were costly, they still haven't shipped and may be delayed longer. I was really hoping these would last me long enough for my new ones to come in! I should have just ordered a pair of RunPhones in the first place. Grrrr...

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Korben Dallas' Taxi Service

Love this one.


Got to wear of of my favorite shirts last night to an art exibit! 

The soreness...

Worked on these stems this week. Thursday was all butt and leg yoga, Friday was weights but all squats, lunges and deadlifts. I am sooooo sore today but I love it.

Thursday, May 25, 2017


My newest piece. 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The pushup hatred

Let's get real for a second. My workout today involved mostly push-ups and burpees. I hate plyo pushups, HATE THEM! I hate burpees too but I can actually  do a lot of them now so my pride pushes me. But plyo pushups are another story.  I hate that after 4 years, almost 5, of exercising 6 days a week I can still barely do them. That being said, I used to be able to do 0, now maybe I can get 5-10 in. 

What is a plyo pushups? A pushups with movement. This one happens to be jumping from the peak of a close arm pushup to a wide pushup and back. Yes my form is awful, this was after my pushup/burpee workout. My arms are rubber!

Sorry it's so dark.

Maybe I'll post my 'detested workout of the week'. It's real, embarrassing being all sweaty, showing my body, showing my fail and in this case my bad form. Exercising is rough, frustrating and so hard. Then on the other hand, the rage kind of fuels my motivation...and the fact that, while laying here to stretch my hips, I almost dropped my phone on my face because my arms are do tired.

If I can do it, you can do it.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


I have that love/hate relationship with food. I hate how much I love it and the fact that I tend to default to all the wrong things. Trying to make foods that are healthy, fresh and also very yummy. Tonight was a win in those regards. Made an egg as a wrap, filled with sweet kale salad and cottage cheese. Yum...


I never knew Tom Hardy even existed, until I saw Mad Max. That movie was amazing and was instantly one of my top 10 favorites, Tom's performance being perfect. I had to catch Taboo and yet again I was taken by him. That being said, there are performances he's done in the past where he didn't catch my eye. People have told me he's in some movies, such as Star Trek: Nemesis and my reaction is "No, really?" I have secveral movies I need to rewatch now.

There are several movies I've wanted to make a point to see, Bronson being one of them. I tend to not look into a lot of movies prior to watching them as I don't want to have a pre-conceived idea of what to expect based on other people's opinions. So, I thought Bronson was about a boxer. Ummm...not really?

I loved this movie, the perfect mix of strange, a dash of crazy, tossed with some volience and that whole mood I love so much. Made me think of Snatch. It was great and Tom did amazing. Surely a very different role than I've seem him play to date. And yes, he's fully nude in it. However, he's nude so often that it just becomes part of the hole experience and I started to not even notice.

I'd like to watch it again listening more intently as I always have a hard time with British accents. Growing up surrounded by European ones maybe?

Absolutely not a movie for everyone, but it sure is one for me!


Been a rough few weeks with a lot if stress eating. Just bad choices and no self control, luckily my workouts have not wavered. I started asking myself why bother, then I had a little boost. I was at a movement and meditation class that I'm taking and one of the attendees comes up to me. She asks if I go to the gym so I tell her I workout at home. She started asking me what workouts I do so I ask why. She tells me she wants my ass and that I must work at it because it's "wonderful". At first I was going to brush it off, deny my butt and make excuses or put myself down. Instead I said, "You know what? I do work hard! And yes, I built this ass!"

I need to remember to do this for me. Extrinsic motivators come and go which makes them difficult to use consistently. I am strong, I love seeing proof that my body is strong and love the way I feel when I eat right. Yesterday I ate well and my mood was so different. Today is another fresh day with a chance to do it again!

Saturday, May 20, 2017


Time to change up the wallpaper on my phone. Good bye Deadpool...hello Booker!!


Finally got this shirt again! Ordered it a few years ago when ShirtWoot changed their sizing for women. I was so mad they went to the unisex which are shapeless and oversized on me.

It was brought to my attention recently that they now have women's shirts again! So I reordered.


I wear tank tops under everything. An important leggings rule, wear something long enough to cover your butt/crotch. A long tank is a great option under a t-shirt or shorter top. I also wear them under my t-shirts with jeans or other pants as it prevents skin showing if a t-shirt rises and smooths things out a bit.

I'm on a never ending search for great tanks, tight fitting, smooth fabric, long. Some of my current ones need to be replaced so I decided to try Spanx. Women everywhere rave about this stuff and I figured it would be good at smoothing things out.

Soooo...why do women wear this crap? I felt like a sausage. It sure smoothed things out, but I felt fatter wearing it than I did not wearing it. The interesting thing is they have no compression added in the bust, in order to "show off the girls" as they put it. I'm all for that, however walking around feeling like all the fat from my stomach and hips is going to suddenly shoot up into my face isn't worth it. And I thought I'd worked off a lot of my fat. Ummm...nope!

Now Spanx, design one like in the cartoons where the extra fat can shoot up into my breasts and I'll be sold!

Friday, May 19, 2017

100 Cups!

Every time...


Recently I had two people, on separate occasions, tell me they read my blog. This shocked me and I responded with feelings of embarrassment and immediately started making excuses for what I post. Both people told me they like my blog, that I should post more and that they enjoy when I rambled about things. I was speechless *Blink* ... *blink*

But no one wants to hear what I have to say! I don't want to annoy people. I started my blog to share my randomness, things I like, thoughts in my head and experiences I have. I have had more than one person annoyed  and lash out at me for using social media as an outlet. One was angry and told me off  for posting about my workouts and  selfies. A point was brought up, the thing about a blog is people go out of their way to check it. If they don't want to, they won't. My dear sir, you are correct!

Well, be warned. Let the randomness increase!

Thursday, May 18, 2017



Maybe if I say everything is "fucking beautiful" I'll start feeling that way!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


The first prop for my next cosplay has arrived!! Here is a hint...pretty blunt hint but here you are!

So excited to plan and build my version of Booker!! I cannot wait...

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Thankful for my furry friends. Amazing how they comfort when needed. Meats, snuggled into my right side, sleeps with me every night. Duff, snuggled into my left side, sits with me in my reading chair and computer chair but never in bed. Dwelling in my sadness, tucked in bed, and there she is. No words needed, just a sniff to my face, curls up in the curve of my waist and is there to wait out my storm.

Monday, May 15, 2017


Yep, eating ice cream because I'm hating on myself. Then, hating on myself for eating ice cream. Vicious cycle. Tomorrow is a new day and i will do better!

Get 'er done!

Oh plyo, my hips are going to be mad at me tomorrow. Back at it today, been doing good and crashed this weekend. I really need to find motivation again! A new goal! 

Saturday, May 13, 2017


Finally got a pic of one of my new ones. Need to get it added into my library!

Love it!

Thursday, May 11, 2017


My favorite part about the warm weather returning? All the body art that comes out if hiding. Love seeing people's tattoos and showing mine off!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Auction won, invoice paid, item shipped! My next cosplay prop is on it's way! I'll keep it top secret until it gets here...

On a side note, to keep the mood going, I'll share one of my favorite cosplays from my recent event. Sorry for the bad cropping, had to take out all the innocent bystanders. Epic...

Saturday, May 6, 2017


Why have I never seen this preview before!? Really want to see this movie. I adore Sharlto Copley!

Friday, May 5, 2017


Costume made by Lillie Mae's Steam Trunk

The expo has come and gone! Flounder my way was a success and people actually knew who I was! It was great to be well received and even have people compliment me on my costume design and idea. Already planning my next costume, sneak peek coming soon!

 I was thankful for the tip I received to wear dancer's pantyhose, not just to make my legs look awesome, but actually for warmth! Worked great.

Lesson learned this time around? Footwear is important. Next time I'll be pickier on what footwear I choose, I'll practice walking in them more and in turn not kill my feet!

Something else I chose to do that I am thankful for is wearing little shorts under my bustle. I knew it would be short so I searched to find something to wear under it in case I had to kneel down, bend over, sit...even walk. I didn't want just plain shorts and I actually found these cute lacy ones. They worked so well and looked awesome! Thank you FashionMeme for the design and idea and even having the yellow I needed! Ordering some for in black and white for my summer dresses, no more mooning strangers!

The owner of the FashionMeme Etsy shop asked to use a picture for promotional reasons. Perfect...