Sunday, May 29, 2016

You'd know if you'd studied!

My new lock screen

Etsy finds

I love Etsy. I can spend hours just browsing the very cool and sometimes strange things people make. I'd like to know, who thought Totoro would be a good inspiration for lingerie...I wouldn't exactly say he's one to inspire sexy thoughts!


I think the worst thing about my fitbit is the reminder that I don't get enough sleep. There isn't enough time in the day to use up hours going to bed early! SLEEP IS OVERRATED!!

Man, I'm tired...

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Where would you draw the line?

The food we eat is always an interesting topic of discussion and internet articles. Eat meat, don't eat meat, don't eat animal one point it's all good for you and the next nothing is good for you! I grew up surrounded by farmers and working on my grandparent's (maternal and paternal) farms. We raised sheep, chickens, turkeys, pheasants and cows in the fields/barns, and rainbow trout in the dugouts. Horses were there to work not to be eaten. Also wheat and huge vegetable gardens. I was taught to treat animals with respect, have them in a healthy environments with grass, fresh air and lots of space. This is what I knew and where I figured most food came from.
When I started 'adulting' I realized the horror of most of the meat sold in stores. The internet bombards you with videos and pictures of how animals are tortured, what type of life they must endure just so we can eat them. I adore animals and know the maltreatment is out there, I don't need it shoved in my face every day! It is unfair that some animals are treated so poorly and it is not frowned upon as much as other animals. Then reality kicks in, would we be able to meet the demand for food in North America if all the meat were raised free range? I do my part, we still raise cows on the family farm so once every 6 months or so a cow is butchered for the family. A cow that spent it's life in an open field eating grass and good hey, not doped up on medication and antibiotics surrounded by disease. A cow that is suddenly shot in the field while grazing and in a relaxed state. I source chicken and bison meat from local farms, I try and buy wild salmon and I tend to avoid pork for my day to day menu. If I buy pork it is usually tenderloin or sausage and from free range pigs. Alright...I do buy the low sodium bacon from Costco...and beef sirloin burgers...and beef hotdogs...shhhhh.

All that being said, this picture is what fueled my thoughts today. I find it interesting that every country/culture would draw their line differently. Even people within the same demographic would draw their line in a different spot due to their upbringing. My line would be between the rabbit and the dog. I do, however, feel the rabbit and horse should switch places on this scale. Growing up we ate rabbit, whether it was hunted or farmed, rabbit stew was not abnormal. We also ate duck and lamb, speaking of which where is the sheep in this picture?
My North American farming upbringing taught us that horses were for work and often a type of pet. However my European background taught me differently. Horse meat could be bought at the deli and was eaten as any deli meat would be. Even looking at myself, two cultures collide to create a different opinion than the majority.
I know someone who was in another country, I wish I could remember where he went, and the family he was staying with went and picked up a dog. They spent mid day with the dog, then killed it and cooked it for supper that night. I know people who ship in cat meat for special occasions and another who eats Guinea pig. Where would you draw the line?

Friday, May 27, 2016

New Decal!

My new decal is on the car!

Made my day...

My last few weeks at work have been very frustrating. Angry clients, angry contract workers, getting my hand slapped by the government for doing my job well and growing the business, long goes on. I work very hard and am very good at my job, however it is a thankless one and people assume I sit around doing nothing all day.

Yesterday I received a request from a previous client from a few years ago. His ex is getting him into some hot water and he needed a letter from me stating some things. I did a bunch of digging, got the information he required and sent off the letter. His response made my day:

"Thank you very much for doing this for me.  This is now the letter that all other subsequent letters will be judged by!"

Apparently I wrote the letter of all letters! Hope it helps him.


Awww man!

The whole reason why I bought the coffee was to pour on my Oolala!


Side planks with 10 lb dumb bells? Alright! I'm a bit embarrassed to post this picture, but had to share. 2.5 years ago I could barely do a sturdy side plank. Now I'm doing rotating side planks while holding a 10 lb weight in each hand! It is a long journey, and every little step matters.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Another great one...

I will follow you...


3 months ago I ordered this shirt for my comicon/expo. Unfortunately it was lost in the mail and I sadly did not have it for the event. Contacted the company and it has arrived!
Thanks Qwertee for sending it out so quickly!

Costplay Cravings

I cannot believe my Jessica Rabbit (check it out if you haven't seen it) photo shoot and expo attendance was almost 3 years ago! It is absolutely time to try again. I need to narrow down some ideas as Halloween is approaching and I could wear it then as well as my November expo!

Feedback received...

I've heard from some regarding my hair dilemma and I appreciate the honest feedback. The best reason to keep it long was a comment I received:

Anonymous said...
Keep it for better cosplay costumes, most of the characters have long hair and you wont need a wig.  

And for short hair I can then wear a wig! I like the way you think! And I will say it looks pretty awesome when freshly dyed, and fades very gracefully to what it is now. I'll hang onto it for a little longer. My Steampunk Harley may just have red ombre pigtails!



Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Come on...

Took a few hours off this morning to sit in my favorite coffee shop and start my next book club book. I should have stayed there all day. I love my job and I'm an extremely hard working and dedicated person at work and in my personal life. Some days are just there to make you feel useless and unappreciated I guess.

My mom always said that life has cycles, you may go up a hill but you always have to go down to get the momentum to climb the next hill. Well I'm getting tired of being at the mid point on my decent. Part of my problem is that the things and people that make me feel like I've reached the top, I cannot have around all the time. So when they are gone it adds to the feeling of rolling downhill. I realize I can go lower and I should really just be thankful and happy where I'm at. Maybe just a hug and a push upward?

A moment of shock

Saw someone 1+'d my post regarding steampunk Harley as a potential future cosplay idea. There was a very brief moment where my mind forgot I live in the real world. Sigh...

Heterochromia iridum

Apparently my multi-colored eye is due to genetic mosaicism. I didn't realize one of my eyes was 2 different colors until I was on a date and the sun was shining in my eyes. The guy suddenly said, "Wow you have amazing eyes." Probably the best thing to come out of that date!

It's only apparent under certain light when a brown splash becomes apparent. Some days it is more apparent than others as my eyes go from hazel to grey-green contrasting more with the brown. I have one picture where I was able to really capture the color difference, otherwise it is difficult and most people only notice in person and under certain lighting. 

The picture is a few years old, however, recently an article circulated about what causes this color difference in cats and I thought, "Hey I have that!"

What's your address?

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Long day...

Such a long day which started off with me missing my workout this morning. The last thing I wanted to do was exercise today, but I did! Skipped my long, difficult workout to do some toning and muscle building for 20 minutes. Not much but it still counts. Every little bit counts! Get up and move!


Clueless Gamer

Best quote: "Someone's been shining that."
I needed a good laugh today. Makes me want to find time to play tonight!

Keep or chop?

My hair has officially reached waist length. The question still nags at me to keep it or chop it off!

Everything is better when Steampunk!

Steampunk Harley Quinn, now that's a Cosplay I'd like to do! My coworker randomly told me today that I could pull of Harley and should put together a costume for Halloween that I can also use to my expos.

When it is our time...

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Cosplay research

Stayed up too late looking up cosplay ideas. Even made a purchase. Not something I would have normally picked! 5 hrs isn't enough!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2016


Been checking out the gameplay of the new Doom, looks awesome. Added to wishlist! Now to wait for it to go on sale.


I hope I'm not the only one that reread that second sentence in a pirate voice.


Figured my steampunk minions go good with my mechanical leggings.

Friday, May 20, 2016

The Evolution of Doom

Amazing how far graphics have come over the years. Doom was the first FPS game I played on PC, the rest is history!


My lunch on an insane day. The best part is, the best before date was a few months ago. Better than nothing I guess!

So much work...

Thursday, May 19, 2016


Cold rainy days sure make me rethink my lunch choice. My salad was good but cold food on a cold day is never my favorite.

Would much rather have soup, so I thought I'd share a recipe that's on my to-cook list:

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Tomorrow is a new day!


May pattern, not my favorite. These are so soft and comfy. 


I try and participate in all CAH shenanigans, and this is no exception. I'm not political, or an American, but I find this amazing. The best part being of course the small gold locket. They should have a Canadian version, somethings to do with a support pack to encourage Canadians to marry Americans fleeing the country!


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Squeezetoy Q & A

I get the occasional comment on my blog. I'm 30 views away from reaching 34,000 in my 'Thoughts of a Squeezetoy' lifetime. My daily average view count is not great but when a comment is left I never know if the person checks for my response. So here is my answer to my most recent comment!

Posted on Costplay craving

Anonymous said...
But the question is, what does it take to pull off a good Deadpool?

Do we get perks if we're hired for the photoshoot?

Squeeze toy said...
Well, I'm in support of all shapes and sizes for our beautiful humans, however, you'd have to be able to pull off a form fitting unitard comfortably! You have to have an air about you that denotes confidents borderline arrogance. Hold your head high, skip when you walk, swing your arms, and be oh so sarcastic and snarky!

I'm not asking for much...

Oh and perks? Now who doesn't want a giant picture of Deadpool and me on their wall? And you get my glorious company for a few hours. That gave me another idea! I cannot seem to find the picture I'm thinking of, a muscular man with long hair is carrying a woman in his arms atop a hill, or away from battle or some dramatic scene. Except I'd be carrying Deadpool.
Yep...this happened. At the comicon/expo I recently went to I ran into this guy. He posed for me and I asked if I could be in a picture with him, "Can I touch you?" His response was, "Sure, I'm all sweaty."


Needed something new so I tried changing around the blog a bit. What do you think? Should I keep the orange background?

It happens...

Monday, May 16, 2016


Everyone has their guilty pleasure when it comes to movies. My guilty pleasure is a good western. I will admit my definition of 'good western' is probably a lot different than most.

I am really looking forward to seeing this one.

One of those days...

Just one of those days where you have a situation happen and this song immediately pops into your head. Maybe I'm dating myself here...

Cosplay craving...

I have an amazing idea for a photoshoot, but not sure if I can pull it off. It's a cosplay shoot of course, however, I'm not the one dressing up this time! My idea is someone as Deadpool and myself as...well myself. I have quite a few really fun ideas.

Deadpool doing the triumphant pose on the top of a hill, with the scantily clad lady on the ground by his side recovering from battle or clutching his leg. The picture that comes to mind is the Evil Dead poster:

I could have so much fun with this. So many ideas! The kiss in Time Square. Except I'd be bending Deadpool back.

Some every day events would be great as well. Pushing Deadpool on a swing, having a picnic... Can't spill all my ideas though, never know if someone who can pull off a good Deadpool falls into my lap! A girl can dream...and plan.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Pumped up

The best cleaning and baking music! Old school.

Thursday, May 12, 2016


I love that when they make a good movie based off a great video game. I've only played Black Flag, which I quite enjoyed, but it was enough to love the potential of this movie.

Now where is my Bioshock Infinite movie? The right producer could rock the shit out of that story!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Saturday, May 7, 2016

My new shirt!

The shirt I bought to wear when I met Troy Baker! Sadly he canceled his signing so I never did get to meet him. At least I still have my kickass shirt!

Digging this game...

Trying all the characters, so many of them! She's by far my favourite so far.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Yes! My new custom art...

I had some custom art done and got to pick it up this past weekend. Yes that is Jack riding Butt Stallion with Deadpool clutching on for the ride.
Love it soooooo much. The Hello Kitty balloon was also a must in my vision.

Thanks Johnni Kok!