Sunday, June 30, 2013


It's too damn hot!

Saturday, June 29, 2013




I always love trying a new beer.


I have no self control. I think the worst time I realize this is when I'm going to do a cleanse or a diet. So to help with that, I'm attempting a juice cleanse and am going to prepare everything and freeze it. This way I'll do it simply because I'll want to make all that work worth while! 6 bags in the freezer...too bad that's only one day of the cleanse!

Bathroom signs

Friday, June 28, 2013

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Screens from tonight:

Epic battle medic for me

Love killing medic and medic!

So tragic

Poor dead me...


Love the caption "Dunwich double teamed your mama."

That looks awkward...

Trying something new

Martini makes one of my favourite liqueurs. It's almost like a port, dark, sweet and makes you happy. Well picking up some gin I was paying and at the counter they had a sparkling wine from them. I had to try it...opening it tonight.


My attempt at growing my own sprouts. Not bad for my first try! Some local free range ham and spicy pepper jelly to go with that and I'm set for a yummy sandwich!

One of those days

Oh so it's going to be one of THOSE days. Thought if make coffee at home this morning. Helps if I put the grounds in and not just the water.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Best staff meeting ever...


I hate when very large men stand to close to me while behind me in line at the bank. On top of it he breaths very loudly...sounding like it's almost right in my ear. I take that back. I hate it when anyone at all stands to close to me! Today it just happened to be a very large man.


Wrestling has sure changed since I watched in the 80s and 90s!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Was going through and deleting pics, had to post this one again. Especially since I went to the effort of stopping in the middle of the road, jumping out of my car and running back a bit to take the pic!

Round 2

Back for some more acupuncture today. Was at a BBQ last night swarmed with mosquitoes so before getting dressed I was looking at my legs and back to examine the number of bites I had. Well I noticed this big circular dark blue/purple bruise on my ass. It is so dark it actually kind of shocked me. Apparently it's normal, if they accidentally pierce a vein the blood rises and stays under the surface of the skin.

I get to the office and go into the treatment room. The door opens and it's a lady, I recognize the voice as the female voice that said hi last appointment, face to the voice. I can't decide which is worse, a cute guy or an attractive woman sticking to me. She advises my other doctor is away today and she will be treating me. I get ready and lay on the table. This is a different room so instead of laying my hands in the leather straps this table has a little shelf/leather covered pad to rest my arms on. She returns and starts putting needles in. This time around it was much more painful. Some cause muscle spasms, others is shooting pain and the one she put in that bruise...ouch! Laying there was not as wonderful either, continuous pain made it take forever and interrupted my day dreams!

I'm curious if it was the change of doctors, or changes in my body that caused the differences this time around. Round 3 is Thursday...we'll see.

Movie Night: Expendables 2

So I wasted a little less than 2 hours of my life watching Expendables 2. In all fairness I was not a fan of #1, I was more of a Red fan. Now back to the mishmash of bad washed up acting, horrible puns, random events and bad special effects. Well I guess that sums it up...worst part of the movie was Chuck Norris...telling Chuck Norris jokes! Man...

Sunday, June 23, 2013

So want!


Expensive hair style: 1
Headset: 0

Managed to game while keeping the do!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

I did it...

Say "eye". Spell "map". Say "Ness".

Dolled up and ready to go...

Growing up climbing trees, catching frogs and with boys as friends there was no room for girly things. I always feel these things have helped to define who I am today, however, at this point in life I do find some importance in pampering myself in ways I never did as a teenager and even in my early 20s. Especially for special occasions.

Ready to party...

Friday, June 21, 2013

Sneaky Sneaky

I recently ordered a trial for a vitamin product as I've been looking for new daily vitamins since i stopping my previous ones. I always do a lot of research and am careful what I take. This particular company offers autoship plans so each month I would receive my supply. What I did not realize is when I ordered my first package, which was a trial for 15 days, it automatically signed me up for autoship. So at 4:00 AM this morning I received an e-mail that a month's supply is being charged to me and prepared for shipping. I haven't even received my 15 day trial yet! These are not cheap vitamins. In a panic this morning I called them. I asked to cancel the order and they advised I cannot as it has already gone out. I kind of expected this so I asked to cancel all future shipments until I've had a chance to actually try the product. She gave me an ultimatum...she'll give me 50% off this order and all future orders if I agree to keep the autoship in place for now and if I cancel before July 20th then no more will be sent. If I canceled today I'd pay full price for the product and receive no more. My decision was really a no brainer, I kept the autoship simply to receive 50% off on this order that I'd have to pay for anyway. I won't blame them for me not reading the fine print when ordering the trial. Very sneaky on her part...people who don't complain pay way too much and those that do complain think they got away with the bank because they are now getting such a good deal.

Now to put an alarm in my phone to cancel the autoship later...unless of course I love their vitamins. You win this round...

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thanks for the whip smokie...

My poor dead body...

I hate you...

How dare you kill my heavy!


A virginity taken...

I've been suffering from severe lower back pain. I'm fine during the day but when I sleep it gets horrible. Moving in the night is hell, just turning over is excruciating. I've been going to my chiropractor on a weekly basis and massage more than help. Last week my chiropractor basically told me there is nothing more she can do and I need to explore other options (however she wouldn't send me for an X-ray) so she referred me to an acupuncturist.

Never have been to one before I arrive on time to complete 20 min of paperwork. Waiting in the waiting room I hear my name called and look up to be met with a very good looking man. He introduces himself as the doc...oh great. We visit for 20 more minutes and then I find myself standing in this room with this good looking man's hands around my hips and his thumbs on my ass as I rotate lifting each leg. Apparently the joints where my legs and tailbone meet my hips are very inflamed. He explains to me how to lay on the bed and take off only my pants...of course I think "It's not every day a guy like that tells me to take my pants off!"

So I lay there, pantsless, waiting. I hear him outside the room explaining my case to someone. I hear him come in and he introduces another doc. I hear a female voice say hi, I respond hello as I look down through the table at my hands being supported by a leather strap (sounds kinky I know but it so isn't). He approaches the table explaining what he's doing as he lifts my shirt and pulls down the waistband on my undies (thinking oh of course I wore the comfy ones today). The needles start going in, some I don't feel and some feel like an electric shock! He finishes putting in 20 or so needles and then advises I need to lay there for 30 min. Really!? That long! I need to get to work! He tells me to have a nap and he'll see me next time. Yes of course my last impression of my first impression is my bare ass...wonderful.

Time went by so fast. I swear it was 5 min if that and she was doing the 15 min check...then I swear 2 min later it was done...needles coming out. I felt great, I could get off the table! 2 appointments booked for next week...if this works I swear I will forever recommend acupuncture as I've had so many people already try to fix my pain!

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Love going across and taking everyone out...

Not bad stats for me as sniper!

That was fun sneaking into this round.


Love this one.