Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I always love a tattooed girl with a rockabilly style and red lipstick. I don't wear lipstick, however, checking out a girl with my most liked attributes I was reminded how much I like the red on certain faces...I thought I'd try again. Results weren't...horrible, still probably not something I'd ever put on when leaving the house. I'm surprised I even had any!


This is the busiest week of both July and August at work. The business topped with my overflowing inbox, angry customer in my office yelling and the news that my grandfather will probably be staying in the hospital never to go home again got me looking up low cal booze. Wine seems to be the best bang for your buck...or calories in this case. The next in line is a whiskey sour which I've never tried. I really miss rum and gin but mixed drinks are so high in calories. 

Making supper I pulled out a box of Jell-o to make and reading the back I realized in 1/2 cup of prepared Jell-o there is only 10 calories. I think I saw the lightbulb appear above my head...hello Jell-O shots on Friday! Who wants to join me?


So I moved my desk around. This means unplugging a PC (monitor, speakers, keyboard, mouse), a cable modem, switch, wireless router, telephone hooked up to a phone system, wireless headset and an adding machine. Moved my desk around in the room, rearranged everything and plugged back in. I have an extra cord...everything works, but I have an extra cord. Hmmmm...

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Monday, July 29, 2013


Went to an aquatic exercise class with a friend tonight. I loved it. Not sure if it was because of the friend I went with, the cuteness of the young man teaching the class or the girl next to me with the really booby-full bathing suit but it was awesome. We'll see how I feel in the morning!


So want! To bad Shirt Punch shirts fit my body like a paper bag.


My fail at trying to catch a pic of my big head. RTD is always fun.

Awe, so little.

An odd way to die...


A bit of quinoa, cucumber, pepper and cilantro with a drizzle of raspberry balsamic vinegar.

Good low cal lunch. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013


I bought these apples last Saturday. I was cleaning the kitchen today and noticed that they now look like this! They have been in the fruit basket for a week...never seen anything like this. The ones that didn't split turned to mush within their own skin! Grrrr...what a waste of money.


Best thing about dinner guests is I have a motivating reason to clean and I must test the wine before my guests enjoy it. A glass while cooking always make it more enjoyable.


Stayed up to late for how early I had to get up. You know you're tired when you have to stop pouring your coffee to yawn.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

I choose to reward myself with alcohol, what does that make me?

My much earned beer! Tastes better after all the exercise to justify the calories. Tastes so good I can almost look past it being a light beer!

Making it work

30 min if Pilates, 20 min of cardio, 10 min of yoga and about to go for an afternoon swim. I'm starting to think I worked off enough to have some beers tonight!


Put a bit of olive oil in a big pan, cooked 4 cloves crushed garlic and 1 tsp red pepper chilli flakes. Tossed in edamame beans and sprinkled over 1 tsp Bragg seasoning. So good. Warning: these sure had a bite to them! 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The life...

Campfire, a good book, jiffy pop and my tent nearby. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 3

Quick snap!

Love this


Ever have those dreams that are just terrifying and leave you with this horrified uncomfortable feeling? Well I had 2 in a row last night, first was of an abusive sleezebag, second was of a tornado ripping through my town. Short sleep but happy to wake up this morning!

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Made a chicken quinoa type of stew for supper. To cut back on calories ate it over Brussels sprouts. Was really good.

Holiday day 2

Living it up! Funny how being able to wear my tshirts is the highlight of my weekend.

Saturday, July 20, 2013


Best part about holidays! I can wear shirts from my ever-growing T-shirt collection for 9 days straight!!

Day 1:

Friday, July 19, 2013


Pyro vs Pyro

Looks like he was using it as a pogo-stick.

Engie shouldn't have peeked around the corner.

Dainty way to die.


My poor back...driving me mad!


Gin and Dr. Pepper tastes like really cheap perfume. And I mean the kind you might get in a vending machine in a cheap motel parking lot. Yeesh...

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Good to know

I need to remember these when I finally save up enough to do my pinup girl photoshoot!


In my head...

Driving home today listening to music loud as always. Joan Osborne-Love is Alive is in that playlist, mostly because of the movie One Night at McCool's. I stop a red light with that song blasting and me grooving away and I look at the guy in the pick-up truck beside me. He is looking at me, shakes his head and turns up his music as the light turns green and zooms away. Man you don't know what your missing. Yeah the song isn't perfect but when I listen to it I get to play in my mind Liv Tyler washing her car. Win-win for me.

If only he saw in my head at that moment, he wouldn't shake his head.

Love this

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


You going to kill me with that ham or make me a sandwich?

Me and my fail team of bots! I will say the bot names sure made me laugh.

Owe my back!

Turn your head and cough? This just looked strange to me.


Again my dead body.

Don't look behind you...(oh and nice hat)

Hmmm a few I haven't done yet lol.

Can I pull it off?

My hair is getting longer and the point has reached where I decide if I grow it out or chop it off. I think I may grow it out...playing around with what I can do. Pathetic pigtails I know but it's still long enough! Now can I pull it off? I look kind of scared...

Yes Please

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New to me!

So a buddy of mine is telling me about a new keyboard he's going to buy. Meanwhile I'm using an extremely old random keyboard I had laying around as my beloved one died last week. I asked why he is buying a new one as I know he had bought a Razer one not too long ago. He went on complaining that the keys are worn off and he has a hard time typing as some of the letters are missing. Are you kidding me? I asked if I could have his old one which he handed over to me, no negotiation needed.

Point one for this girl not having to look at her keys when she types! Pretty decent keyboard and cash still in my wallet!


I miss him...


You know you've been hiding out in the bathroom at work playing games on your phone for too long when the motion sensor light turns off!

The murder scene...

Went downstairs in our office the other day. When returning upstairs I happened to notice this scene at the bottom step. The big pieces are all other spiders, the little specs on the floor are tiny bugs. On the step above I found an earwig and also just a few steps into the room I found a few centipedes. I'm not sure what's more freaky, the fact that there are so many dead bugs or the fact that I couldn't see the one killing them!

One more time...

Monday, July 15, 2013


Made a turkey meatloaf today. Supposed to be from that paleo diet (or whoever it's called). I wanted to try it because it was gluten-free. Wasn't that great however I was reminded how amazing the pasta sauce I make is. Super easy, makes a lot and will impress a dinner guest!

Melt 1/2 cup butter, put in 3/4 cup Parmesan cheese, 1 clove crushed garlic (or more) 1 cup heavy cream. Then poor over cooked pasta. Yum!

Meatloaf was only ok, probably really good worh some spice adjustments. The meatloaf recipe is here:


What is it about finding someone's hair in your food. People find incredibly disgusting and send food back due these black, blond, red or brown strands finding it gag worthy and sending food back. To me the thought of skin cells, spit, snot or whatever is hiding on their hands or under their nails freaks me out more. Most hair would have been cleaned that morning. Not saying I'm ok with the long black hair I found amongst the tomato and avocado on my bagel this morning, just saying if i freak out about that I might as well take into account the rest and never stop to grab breakfast on my way to work again! At least it wasn't the toenail that I found in a jug of water at a restaurant years ago...that was a bit much.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Started watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix. I loved Weeds so I was really looking forward to this show. So far the best thing is Laura Prepon (Donna from that 70s show) brief show in the first episode. I can't decide what I like better, her as a lesbian or her with black hair.

It's ok so far, no Weeds, but I'll keep checking it out.


I went to watch the cruise for a local car show with a friend. As we watched and discussed the cars driving by I commented on the rather large woman behind us. She was very...voluptuous. And by very I mean very, VERY! She wore a tight low cut shirt, short shorts and stood there like she owned the world and every set of balls in it. My comment was only that I wished I had her confidence. My friend asked what I meant. I explained that the confidence she was sending out even had me attracted to her. My friend then explained to me that confidence in a woman is extremely attractive and can often wash away any physical shortcomings a woman may feel she has. He asked me what my most hated part of my body is, which I responded is my stomach. He then replied, "If you can come up to me in a bikini and shake your stomach in my face, you're there."

So I guess that's my goal. I love my hourglass figure, my bust and my eyes. I workout to maintain my figure, not make it smaller however I always wished for a flatter stomach. Instead I guess I should celebrate what I have...and learn to shake it! Belly dancing classes in order?

Now I ask other men and women, how far can confidence carry a girl? Is it really that attractive? I know I've met confident men that just come off cocky, but I've never met a confident woman that I hated for any other reason than being jealous of her confidence! What is the difference in having confidence and acting like you don't care what others think? 


I always like doing different colour effects to my pics so I tend to take a few and mess with them. Deleting pics from Friday I suddenly came across this one and realized how much you can see the colours in my eye that is half brown and half green. Tends I be best visible in natural light so rarely in my self portraits. Wish it was more noticeable as I think it's pretty awesome.

Pretty Awesome


Why yes I am, thanks for asking.