Friday, May 31, 2013


I just heard they are going to be building a Simpson theme park which includes a life-sized working Springfield!

I'm surprised it took them this long!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's time

Watched a few episodes of Life's Too Short with Warwick and skipped over to Arrested Development to see Ron Howard...I guess it's a sign to watch Willow!!

Oh and FYI Seth Rogen is a kick ass George Bluth! Perfect casting.


I don't normally like wedding photos, but when I do it's ones like this!


Girlish things...

After breaking the last 2 sets of nails I was about ready to have her take them off at my appointment today. Then she did them, and I felt better and a little girlish (scary I know) and now I want to keep them. We'll see how I feel when I break the next one!

I will say she was amazed that they held up as well as they did after hauling dirt, barbed wire fence gates and changing tires! I guess I need something girly...

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Friday, May 24, 2013


I'm actually expecting snow as I put my summer tires on today. And by putting my tires on I don't mean sitting in the waiting room of a shop drinking coffee while someone else does it! I mean I physically put them on. From young my dad taught me to take care of our vehicles. I was the only 15 year old girl in my group of friends that could swap tires, change oil and could identify axel boots, a clutch etc. every woman should have the ability to care for their vehicle and it also prevents you from being bullied in a mechanic shop!

Race to the finish line!

Book club meeting is tomorrow! I'm 80% done...and not really enjoying it. However I do have a favourite quote:

“I was a rather nasty cocktail of both those traits, but at the fertility center, I dutifully entered the strange small room dedicated to self-abuse: a place where hundreds of men had entered for no other purpose than to crank the shank, clean the rifle, jerk the gherkin, make the bald man cry, pound the flounder, sail the mayonnaise seas, wiggle the walrus, whitewash with Tom and Huck.”

Thursday, May 23, 2013

So much!

So much going on!!

Love it...

I love healing a spy to get back at a teammate who's not doing his job!

The Yodeling Pickle

Good old George Takei brought my attention to this wonderful contraption. The Yodeling Pickle:

When I first saw this item I wasn't quite sure what to think. I've seen enough sex toys to brush that thought away...wrong plastic, wrong shape, doesn't vibrate...and yodels? Ya no thanks. George had posted his review of the item:

So I decided to continue perusing the reviews and some were quite entertaining. Like this one:

The things they sell these days...why do I want one!? Would be the most hilarious coffee table prop. Get your Yodeling Pickle today!


Forgive me if I've posted this before...couldn't remember and had to reflect on a movie in my top 5!

The debate...

Guess what won!

Decisions, decisions...

Been a long day, working until 7:00 PM, still haven't had supper. Do I go home and exercise tonight so I can sleep in tomorrow AM then finish my book? Or do I go home and do the opposite, snack and have a few beers while playing video games and staying up too late. Decisions, decisions...

Giggles...and hi Bradley


Love the hair and the ear plug!

I was born in the wrong time...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Keeping at it!

Still making it through my workout program! Now just to eat like this all the time and kick the garbage food! Not easily done.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I try.

I always love the look of a manicured woman, and I try. By manicure I mean fingers and toes done, a nice tan and awesome hair. I just cannot maintain it! I have better things to do than spend an hour getting ready in the sleep! Getting fingers and toes done every 3 weeks with hair appointments on top! Nope. It's hard enough to get up and exercise every day. I love having my nails done and started getting in for that again. Every time I end up breaking one and I'm starting to wonder again what's the point.

1 week into this set. Moved soil, shovelled, wheel barrow, carried raised garden bed frames...didn't break any! Go to the family farm, opened and closed 2 barbed wire gates twice to get the quad on the hill for a ride, no problem. Later that day I undo my fucking seatbelt and...SNAP. Sigh...wouldn't be so bad if I had an epic story to go with every break. Going to keep them until a friend's upcoming wedding, then I'm done!

I guess I just need to get with a manicured woman. Then I can enjoy it without having to do all the work.


I hope...

Opened the jar of organic peanut butter I keep at work and kind of burst out laughing and gagged at the same time. This peanut butter really separates and it has to be stirred. Well it's a pain in the ass to stir so I didn't bother and threw it in the fridge upon opening. This particular peanut butter, when put in the fridge, has separated clear oil that turns into a milky white. So now it looks like someone...well ya...into my peanut butter jar!

I really hope I'm not the only one who would have that thought upon seeing this:


61 visitors to my blog yesterday! Next goal is to break 100 in a day! If you enjoy the random things I post; from scouring the internet to bits and pieces from my own thoughts and life, please share!

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Do I look as tired as I feel?

Neighbours were having a fire in their backyard last night. I love sleeping with the window open but can't sleep listening to them. At 3AM they started playing music, laid awake from 3-4. Got up at 6 to exercise and they were still up! I had a moment of thinking, "how on earth can they still be awake!?" Then I remembered many times stumbling to bed at 5:30 after a gaming marathon, or sneaking into the house as a teenager when my parents were just waking up. So I get it...doesn't mean I like it but I get it.

It's been a while.

The good thing about hosting is people leave booze at my house. Today it's a blueberry Mike's Hard that found my glass. Sure has been a 10 years I'm thinking!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

I don't know...

I don't know why I love this shirt so much! Too bad I just bought the Game of Thrones one, need to skip it.


One of THOSE days

Yes, it was one of those 650ml beer days. Interesting tasting and pretty good!

Muffin Tops

I was in a meeting yesterday with about 35 people, coffee and muffins were provided. About an hour into the meeting I started looking around the room, I counted 6 people who were sitting with the stubs of their muffins in front of them. They had only eaten the tops. By the end of the meeting they had made it no further down the stub and then all 4 proceeded to pick up the unwanted bit of their muffin and make their way to the garbage. I was sitting right next to the snack table so I glanced into the small trash can to see 2 more stubs that had already been thrown away! I didn't actually think there were that many people that ate only the tops of the muffins!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sounds about right


I wish...

I wish this was my problem! My house use always a mess!


The gluten-free journey seems to revolve around finding the perfect substitute for the things I used to eat. I have not quite been convinced to look at it as a new way of eating...more of an inconvenience. I also have not quite made the jump to take gluten out beer. I hear gluten-free beer sucks big time. I don't have a sensitivity and do not notice a difference in the way I feel without gluten, so I'm ok with the occasional indulgence.

Wondering around the drug store of all places, I happened to find quinoa pasta. Rice pasta is ok, however I find it rubbery so I was curious. A few years ago talking about quinoa someone would have thought it was some exotic dish made of flowers and...brains or something. Now it's everywhere and we all know this tiny little grain. Now they are making pasta with it! We'll see, in the pot it goes. Needles to say I'm sceptical.

Monday, May 13, 2013


I am very lucky, and one of very few who's grandparents on both sides are still alive at my age. The issue with that is as age continues the threat of having them all go at the same time becomes truer and more realistic.

My grandfather on one side was given 6 months to live in August due to cancer. He is still here, 10 months later, and now starting to slow and feel pain. Taking it day by day.

My grandmother on the other side has just today suffered a heart attack. I sit wallowing in my tears after hearing that news...trying to remind myself over and over how lucky I am to have them still and that they've all lived very long amazing lives. It's not doing the trick...I don't feel any better about it. :(

My evening...

Game night!

I try and do as many game nights as my busy schedule allows. Usually I am in mixed company leaning to mostly males who are interested in playing these types of games. I had an idea, what I thought was a great idea, and invited my very limited female group of friends for a game night. Margaritas were made, guacamole was mashed, chocolate sauce was drizzled on strawberries and we were off! 

Attempting Gloom was not a great idea and I ended up killing off one player just so we could finish and move onto a new game. It was interesting how women didn't get into the games as much as men. I find Elder Signs a fairly easy game to follow, even though I'm always picking up the instructions, the play order is straight forward. I still found it not as easy and comfortable playing as I do with my other groups of friends. It was fun however I'm not convinced that I will host an only girls game night again.

The end is near!

My last Tim's for a while...savoring it this morning. Workouts getting under way, green smoothie ingredients in the fridge for lunch, with added motivation of a wedding to go to in June. Great excuse to buy a rockabilly dress and look awesome in it!

I will sure miss my Tim's though.

Saturday, May 11, 2013


A friend told me this made him think of me...not sure how to take that. Still love it!

Friday, May 10, 2013