Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It begins...

Planning and purchasing the Halloween costume. Items to get: dress, gloves, earrings, shoes, wig. Off e-bay with shipping, over $120! Lets try something else, off Amazon $62...perfect. Excitement about the upcoming Halloween party, make-up artist booked and I'm ready! Then the sudden realization I've double booked myself and cannot go to the party. Well what am I going to do with this costume now? I really have always wanted to do a pin-up girl photo-shoot...hmmmmm...

After a lot of searching, asking questions, changing dates, the time has arrived! I leave work early to go to the lab of a make-up graphics artist I've never met in person, 1.5 hours later I'm transformed. After airbrushing, covering up my natural eyebrows with wax and make-up to redraw them higher on my face, covering up my hair and placing the wig, redrawing my lips, fake eyelashes, why do women do this stuff!? I'm ready...

Coordinator a photographer, make-up artist and model (myself) was not easy. Schedules never seemed to match up quite right. Unfortunately after the date had been moved 3 times I finally had to lose someone, I couldn't find anyone else who did the graphics make-up, and I couldn't replace myself, so on the hunt for a new photographer. I messaged many, asked friends for referrals, I wanted to find that perfect one. One photographer seemed more excited than the others so I thought I'd see what more she had to say. When I received the message that she had approval from the owner of a lounge that is in historical building to use his space I was curious. Then I read, "We'll do it there because Jessica needs a stage to perform on." I knew she was the one. After waiting a bit for her to set up and test the lights, we were good to go!

I'm so excited to see the final pictures and worried I'm going to like them all as I cannot afford the full disc to have digital and printing rights! Such a fun experience. My back and feet hurt by the end. I still hear in my head, "Boobs out!" over and over and over.

I got home after the shoot and looked in the mirror before starting to wash my make-up off. After all that I just couldn't let it go so I took some random selfies...

This one turned out really cartoonistic for some reason. Only filter I used was a greyscale. 

Ready to get comfortable...about to tackle removing this mask!

Done and done.

Will post some sneak peaks soon. What an experience. I'm tired of standing in these shoes and holding poses...
Now to raise/save $400 for the full disk of pics with printing and digital rights...yeah right.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Interesting thought...


This group just amazes me, especially since being in a marching band was something I'd always wanted to do. The violin and piano don't really bode well for that. I mean it's one thing to play music while you walk around, an entirely different ballgame when you do the presentation that these guys pull off!

Monday, October 28, 2013


An alarm clock that wakes you up with bacon!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Friday, October 25, 2013


My fave...


If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wednesday, October 23, 2013



Can you tell I'm bored? Well Nice Peter vs Epic Lloyd. I have to say Nice Peter as Mr. Rogers and Lady Gaga, you win.

It's happening!

Finally, some women want a burlesque photo shoot, others want pinup, couples, non eat all, me? Well I want a photoshoot as Jessica Rabbit! My shoot is booked very soon, and costs a lot. If I could find it in myself to ask for donations I would...but I can't for fear of disappointing anyone. Instead...stay tuned!


What is it? Wine? Boredom? My soundtrack? I'll blame the music...

Only because it's epic.

Just sayin'


Behind on posting so 2 gaming sessions worth:

Awww crap


Such an epic death...


Oh yeah...


Of course, Wolf...

Uh huh



I received this today:

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What the...

I have a very busy job and never take lunch breaks. I always eat at my desk and many days it's the end of the day and I realized I had no time to even eat. So I always have a protein shake handy as I figured mixing and chugging that is better than nothing at all. I recently ordered a new protein mix from a brand that I already use some of their other stuff. I received this GIANT container. I thought it was a great deal for the price until I realized that container was only about half full! There is honestly 6 inches+ of space between the top of the container and the start of the powder.

Oh well, it tastes horrible but at least it's quick and I don't feel like fainting anymore!

They're back!!

The first 2 aren't my favorite but I'm so happy they are back!!

However, I did enjoy this. Interesting how these rap battles are becoming a fad...also just realized that Rhett and Link are the guys that did the Facebook song years ago! Awesome.

Monday, October 21, 2013


Its touched up and healing great! Not as bad as I had aniticioated, still wouldn't recommend the foot to anyone. Now to look ahead to my shoulder coverup in January!


To think a year ago I hated shrimp...what happened? Now I cook a little pan with 8 shrimp sprinkled with Cuban spice just to have with my salad.

Friday, October 18, 2013


<3 Friday Mornings

Cuddle time with Duff, coffee and my book...awesome. Too bad I have to go to work in 1.5 hours.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Got home after a long day, tummy growling, more work to do at house keys. Never done that before. Sigh...

I think I'm going to skip the exercises tonight and have a glass of wine instead while I work. Assuming I get into my house soon than later! I I guess I'll continue to sit in my car to keep warm, Jeff Healy Band on the radio while my neighbours give me strange looks.

Mmmmm lunch...

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New tshirt!

I couldn't resist this one...

My evening

Done my exercises and have an hour to read! Finished my book for book club so here I keep trudging through this one. I'm pretty sure I've read 6 books through trying to finish this particular one...


These photos are amazing. When I was young my brother and went into an abandoned house on a farm neighboring my grandparent's farm. We had to sneak in and always left an uncomfortable feeling in my memory. It was as if the residents just disappeared. There were clothes in the drawers, even jars of preserve floating in the flooded basement. 

We planned to go back the next day to see if we could snag some stuff however when we woke up that morning we could see in the distance out my grandmother's front window that someone was there with a truck and the house was engulfed in flames. I still wonder why it was suddenly burnt down and if it was a just a coincidence that we were snooping around the day before.

Just love this kind of stuff...

Skipped a beat...

Ever have one of those moments where you are deep in thought or engulfed in your work and something happens that just completely throws you off balance, your heart skips a beat and you suddenly forget what the hell you were just doing! Well I just had that. Busy day for me, piles of papers on my desk and suddenly this little popup notifications bounces in the corning letting me know something has happened on one of the programs I'm running in the backgrounds and suddenly I'm lost. Pretty sure my heart skipped a beat. Now to fight the urge to continue on with my work and wait to see what happens without jumping at the opportunity. Now what was I doing?

My thought exactly...

Monday, October 14, 2013


Going to sleep with this uneasy feeling. Life and it's choices...


Love the shoulder/upper arm piece...not to mention the rest of the body!


I might actually play if I had this!

Get it?

Once I knew the guy was Bach I had it instantly...smiled and shook my head.


Sunday, October 13, 2013