Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The famous stagette...what has it become?

I've learned a few things while planning my best friend's stagette. These parties are not what they used to be. Her mom said that when she got married (almost 30 years ago) that they sat around at her mom's house, drank wine and played board games. Now these bachelorette parties are made up of sweet drinks, raunchy games, silly costumes and naked men. I have finally realized that women are sometimes worse then men!
I cannot claim to be much better, I have taken this opportunity to fulfill my dirty side and found the 'penis' theme to be quite entertaining. You can get everything from cookie cutters to water bottles in the shape of this male member. I went the way of penis straws and candy, candy nipple tassels and frilly panties for her. I also rented a room at one of the local clubs where we will have dinner and then take part in the male entertainment.
The next issue is MONEY MONEY MONEY! It will probably end up costing me close to $500 when all is said and done. $250 for the room and limo ride, $150 for silly gifts and decorations and probably another $100 for drinks for herself and I as well as dinner. Don't get me wrong, she is definitely worth it, she's been my best friend for 11 years. However, spending $500 to be surrounded by women for 8 hours is not my idea of a bargain.
In the end, I'm sure it will be a fantastic time and lots of fun. I just never realized what went into planning these things. The other thing to keep in mind, is many people will get all excited with the bride to be when she gushes about having male dancers at her stag...but when push comes to shove, I've had at least 5 people back out due to this act. These people never expressed a concern to her, but will be leaving shortly after dinner, or not coming at all, to avoid being in the same room as mostly naked men. And these guys don't even get completely naked! I've never been to a show like that, but I'd do almost anything for my dear friend...and to stare at nicely tanned and greased men! Not my usual attraction at all, but you get caught up in the moment.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

My turret needs a hug...

It has me in it's grasp! And I love it! After playing Unreal Tournament for a few years I had to decide between UT3 or...the beautiful Orange Box. I had tried the UT3 demo, and wasn't overly impressed. My new PC was a surprised, and bought for me to get back into UT, however the Orange Box had me in it's grasps. I tried Team Fortress 2 and was very surprised. I love it.

Who Is Squeezetoy (my TF2 identity):

I based my identity on the fact th
at I am a girl! It is a fact that I wanted to be known, yet I wanted a profile that would show I am good at the game, and I demand respect.

Squeezetoy identity was developed through Battlefield 1942, when we went and competed at Fragapalooza, making it to the semi finals! Then it made it's way through UT with the [USSR] clan which I competed with and we did quite well for a
bout a year. Now it finds it's way into TF2 where I hope to stay for a while.

My character of choice is the engineer, I love playing defense, however, it is a slow job at times and I am easily bored. The Soldier is something else I can handle, due to my years
of playing UT Instagib, I've developed my aim and can handle the rockets.

I've recently found my skill at being a medic. I never enjoyed that class until I found that I excelled at this task over all the others. Being a medic usually brings me to the top of the team, I die a lot less and it's uber-fun.

If you are a gamer that enjoys FPS, try TF2! It's fun, and the antics and personalities that were created with these characters makes for an entertaining time.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Compost...why not?

I remember sitting in the backyard watching my dad shovel fowl smelling goop from one pile to the next. Then a few weeks later we'd go out again to shovel it back and forth a few times, and were welcomed with this luscious, amazing smelling soil. Why don't we all compost? It's easy, and keeps tons and tons of garbage out of the landfills each year.

Ottawa is aiming to have citywide compost service by the end of 2008. The Green Box projects will hopefully begin to spread through the larger centers and trickle down to the smaller cities. Do you're part! Put aside a small area in your yard, a small sacrifice to make to save the tons of organic matter YOU will dispose of in your lifetime.
A small compost bin can be easily built. Then as the organic matter decomposes, you must stir it around once in a while to allow for oxygen to reach everything and help with the breakdown. The easiest way I found is to have a light compost bin that I lift off the pile, place beside it and simply shovel the pile back into the bin. It is important to have it a good distance from your house, in case of odors.

According to statistics Canada, the main (and almost only) downside to compost is odors and the occasional pest. I have had my compost going for 2 years and have seen one mouse, that is all. Oh, and a bunch of really strange interesting bugs that help with the decomposition. I was shocked at how easy it was. I go out once a month, in the winter once every couple months, or the first change I get with god weather, and move my bin around. Every time I do this I am amazed at the changes in the items inside and the amount of actual soil that has been created. If you are not a gardener, give/sell it to a friend who has a green thumb! This is premium soil that you are creating with...basically GARBAGE!!!

Help out, save the planet for our next generations. You think just you won't make a difference? Imagine how much waste you produce over 70-100 years of your life? Aim for one garbage bag on the curb every week. If you lived to be 80, that is still over 3,000 bags of garbage. Most families put out 3 or 4 bags a week...and people wonder why the environment is in trouble!

If these kids can do it, so can you! Making it a part of your children's life will help them compost and recycle in the future. They will have it as part of their routine when they are adults, teaching their own children.