Friday, August 30, 2013

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I love it, been 5 years since I've gone out dressed up. This year on deck, either Alice (American McGee's style) or Moxxi.

Any other suggestions? Harley Quinn was an option too however after looking at the various costumes I decided against it.

Edit: now adding Jessica Rabbit into the running!

Oh wow...awesome...

Mr. Rogers rules the world...

More proof!


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I don't know why...

I don't know why, but I love this:

Oh yes

My night...

It's mine!

It arrived today! I just had to take a moment at work to hide in the bathroom and try it on. So awesome...what do you think? I can guarantee there will be more pics!


Guess what's in here!!


Next time a guy does something nice for me I'm totally calling him a wonder-wench!

Monday, August 26, 2013

So want...

This amazing artist is looking at making a poster-sized one for me. Just needs to work with the resolution a bit. So excited to have this on the wall behind my PC!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Just what I needed...

Sleeping is going to be a bitch with this back! Oh well...


Friday, August 23, 2013

I do that!

Really feeling this pic tonight...

What do I do now?

Move night

Severe back pain to the point of not being able to breath equals alone on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and Netflix. Horrible Bosses was my pick, quite funny. Loved the all star cast for sub characters!

Oh, and I totally need to change dentists!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

I am so happy I'm not the only one!

I adore this young man...


I think I'm overtired, this made me giggle. Or it's because I like the Snow White...

This morning my grandfather passed away holding my mother's hand. A strange mix of grief and relief. Since I was sent home from work I spent the day cooking things I won't even eat...

Gluten-free cookies and cake, and mushrooms stuffed with Italian sausage, garlic, cream cheese and Parmesan.

My dinner? Wine and veggie soup...

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


During my quest to reach my health goals something I always struggle with is salt cravings. I'm not a huge sweet foods fan and often only crave things like ice cream which I can work around if need be. Salt cravings always get is especially difficult it seems. My desk is piled with paperwork and other stresses pushing me to seek comfort in food. While on holidays I watched what I ate for the first 3 days, ran on the treadmill and swam while at the hotel and only gained 2 lbs when I arrived back home even though I cheated for 2 days. Yesterday I was careful again and started back up with my pool workouts and this morning I was thrilled to see I was back down. This is helping with my motivation not to run to the nearest Chinese food restaurant for a big greasy meal...

Instead I'm trying these. I must say, they are not bad. Salty, no horrible flavor, crunchy, so at this time they fulfill my craving! Just need to make it through, keep pushing on! I'm 7 lbs to my goal! Then if I'm feeling really brave only 9 lbs from there to my ultimate goal...

Happy or sad...

I cannot decide if I'm happy or sad to be back at work after 4 days off (6 days in a row if you count weekends). Could have had today off too however I decided to come back early due to work requirements. I do enjoy being at work when there is lots to do! Best thing about getting back in the groove is checking on the shipping status of my Outlaw Pack! Looks like it left the US on August 16th, now with no way to track it's progress (as tracking numbers from US Post do not translate to Canada Post) I wait...and wait...and wait.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Growing my hair out...need to start looking up cool ideas!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

My plan for tonight...


A total steam punk mechanical horse I saw today...

Sugarcoat it at least...

This was with the coffee stuff in my hotel room...they sure don't sugarcoat it to at least hide the fact that there is aspartame in it!

To top it off the creamer was called "whitener"... 

So want...

Except all I want to do is wear it over a black corset and thigh highs.

Well hello there...


Every now and then I dream of people I don't actually know in my life. Individuals my mind creates for whatever reason and often I wake up wondering if they are actually alive somewhere in this world and or universes crossed for a brief moment in dreamland. Sometimes I even wish this was the case and that our real lives would cross at some point. Like last night, dreams motivated by my current book, Ender's Game, and my mind inserting a brooding character with dark hair and dark eyes. Wouldn't mind finishing what we started amongst the tensions of war in space.

Yes...I have odd and very animated dreams.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Oh my goodness I want this stove!

Getting into my car I was reminded I'm missing my sniper one!

Well hello...

Why do I want to sit on his lap? Oh Jack...


Oh ya...

So I've watched many series from beginning to end and over and over. Started watching New Girl as a something to take up time while waiting for others again. Anyone else watching? Spoiler allert!!

Man...the kiss between Jess and Nick...FINALLY! They built it up so nicely and when they finally do, seriously the best kiss I've seen in any of the series I've watched (except maybe when Nancy and Conrad got together in Weeds). My love for Zooey probably magnifies it of those ones that a girl like me wishes a guy would grab and do to me!

Loving it...

I love this for some reason. The song is groovie but I think it's mostly because the lead singer makes me think if Jack...oh Jack...


What a shitty day. So frustrated that I work so incredibly hard to be represented by people that act shitty. Really wish I could come home to a hot man cooking for me...instead I debate between a beer or a box of Mac and Cheese (Annie's of course). The beer won...

Monday, August 12, 2013


Not a fan of the very realistic violence but this was done amazingly well.

I love Beast by Nico Vega, however I love the version in the Bioshock preview. Was very happy to stumble across it today.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

So fun

Board games two nights in a row I'm so lucky. Elder Sign was on the tale tonight, an easy one pushed us to add the more difficult monsters for the second round. Wow...we barely won. Out of curiosity I suggested we fight the boss as I've never done it before. Well I was the only one not devoured within a few minutes and it still had half health, got it down to 1 health left and I was gobbled up. Now I know how much the bosses suck!

To finish off the night we played a very epic and long round of Pirate was amazing. We had so many rules out it was confusing. Table top is always a good time.

Curious about trying a few? Flux is very fun, not overly expensive and decently easy to pick up. Also comes in very fun variations!

Game night

Played a new game for board game night. Walked into the game store, read a few descriptions and bought. I was lucky!

Level 7 [Escape] is a pretty good game. There are different scenarios to follow, the one we did was a team of people wake up in a tank room where humans are being preserved in liquid while alive. The tanks failed, we woke up and now we escape. As you try and escape you explore which adds room tiles to the "board" and you trigger events which can spawn guards or aliens that you must fight with dice. Your character has fear which attract the aliens, limit certain actions and provide different stats at different levels. You have general stats with additional skills which also changes with adrenalin buffs etc. This game is so detailed I'm not sure I can even go about explaining more without writing a novel.

The instructions for this game are quite long and have a few areas that are not explained clearly at all. Luckily near the end of the first round I was able to find some forums where people posted questions and our second round was completely different after learning that our assumptions on some unexplained rules were completely wrong.

Saturday, August 10, 2013


I like bugs, so I wasn't surprised when my dad shows up at my work with a jar for me containing 3 slugs.

These guys are awesome, makes me sometimes wish we had snails here.


Still hurts! Stupid cat



A massacre! 



Well Hello...

Love this

I just love this for some reason.

Someone got the idea in my head of tattoo sleeves and now I wonder if I could pull one off. Never thought of getting one as all my tattoos I can hide. However, when someone suggests it, the thought is in my head! There are some pretty awesome ones, posting to save these ideas.