Friday, November 9, 2007


OK, sometimes you'll become the victim to ads I see that I really enjoy or just some videos that I think are great...

I hope you enjoyed and at least smiled a little...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What Level of Body Armor is Your Backpack?

I want a world where my child is prepared, but does not need to live in fear. The question is, would you explain to your young child that they are walking to the bus with a bulletproof backpack on their back? Would you explain to them and have them practice using it as a shield? What age would you start filling their heads with this terrifying information?

Do I want to raise children in this world? The world where they created a bulletproof backpack? Hard decision to make.


The more this world takes a nose dive, the more I want to move to a secluded location, grow my own food, raise my children, and live off of the earth. The other option, is giving up children to live amongst the monsters and fight for a better world for other people's children.
What is coming in the future? There is no way to tell what is headed our way, but I tell you, I cannot wait to be finished college. One less hostile environment every week, filled with extremely stressed and lonely young adults.
Would you strap a bullet proof pack to your kid? Do you think they would remember to use it when hell hits the fan? I don't know that I would remember. Scary...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Blue Men were Blue but they made me see a rainbow

Yesterday night my parents treated us, my brother and his fiancé and themselves to the Blue Man Group. The show was amazingly tantalizing and entertaining. I would highly recommend it to anyone but be prepared to participate. The show goes through a series of 'Rock Moves' and it sort of has a story to it. The Blue Men basically purchase a 'How to be a Mega Star' kit and go through the instructions, such as:

-Pay attention to your audience
-Rock moves
Rock Move #37: Flashing the Floppie the Banjo Clown Hand Puppet -->
Rock Move #?: Clap
" : Raise the roof

And more moves. They play them throughout the show and expect the audience to join in. The music is excellent and the visual are intense. I almost want to drive down to Vegas to catch their show there.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Do you wash your hands?

I recently attended a seminar concerning our over-antibiotic-ed society. Our generation is becoming immune to antibiotics due to the amount we take and our over-produced fear of germs. When the 'Super Bug' finds it's way to us, there will be nothing to stop it because we're all immune to the good germs, the only germs, that can save us!

I was wondering why this problem has emerged...well I found an antibiotic in my TOOTHPASTE, I was quite upset. My husband and I rarely go to the doctor. I have not taken anything in over a year and my husband has only taken on antibiotic for a dental problem and it turned out the pills were wrongly prescribed and they made him sick! We eat only Organic because they are putting antibacterial things in food, covering fruits and vegetables. All you need to do is wash them! You'll be fine!

I sick a lot when I was a kit. Always ear infections and tonsil problems. I found a doctor that would not prescribe anything unless he knew what I had, otherwise he told me to go home and sleep. I thank him for that! I get sick less than once a year! *knock on wood* I've been told by a pharmacist that it is because my immune system learned to fight for itself. Eat yogurt also helps because those bacterial cultures help protect your body.

Needless to say I changed my toothpaste. All you need to do to protect yourself is eat healthy and wash your hands! And none of that antibacterial crap, did you know antibacterial soap kills everything on your hands? Even the bacteria that is keeping you alive. Regular soap does the job fine...oh, and sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star while you wash and you'll be fine. (not out loud though, or you might not be fine, getting beat up isn't my problem) That song is the perfect length and you should be rubbing your hands together the entire time. None of that putting soap on your hands (or no soap) swishing them under the tap for 2 seconds (no rubbing) and running your wet hands through your hair to dry them. Ladies! I see you do this, and it disgusts me. Millions of germs reproduce in the dampness of your hands, after washing them properly you need to DRY THEM...but for starters you need to learn to wash.

I'm not even going to bring up men, I bet less than 50% of you wash your hands after using the toilet. I know one guy that does, but he's obsessed with being clean, and it shows. Go ahead people, get angry and PLEASE prove me wrong.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Since when is shopping like Russian Roulette?

I never thought I’d live in a time when a child’s toy could kill me, how about tooth paste? Did you know, I went to Shoppers the other day and bought natural toothpaste! I looked at the ingredients of my Colgate Total and there is an antibacterial agent in there, which increases my resistance to antibiotics. So now brushing my teeth twice a day will put me at risk of dying from THE SUPER BUG! Give me a break.

Now lets shift gears and talk about China. I was sitting, waiting for my dad to meet me for coffee, reading my Marketing Mag, and to my shock a time line of the events of Chinese products was in front of my face. Here it goes, as per Marketing Magazine, written by Jeromy Lloyd (summarized by moi)…

March 16:
The pet food contamination, killed many pets with Melamine…very scary couple of weeks because my current baby is a cat.

April 12:
China is the worlds 2nd largest exporter…how do they get away with these things?

June 3:
Counterfeit toothpaste is found to contain Diethylene Glycol, a toxic ingredient in antifreeze…needless to say my right decision to buy all natural toothpaste

June 9:
Chine retaliates, they ban a delivery of pistachios containing ants from the US…yes, ants and toxic chemicals are EXACTLY the same thing…uh huh *extreme sarcasm intended* if you couldn’t tell

June 27:
China closes 180 food factories because health inspectors found industrial chemicals being used in everything from candy to seafood

I know it's really a day later but I'll finish this time-line now.

July 3:
Robert's American Gourmet Inc. finds seasoning, supplied by China of course, that contains salmonella

July 6:
A drug regulator that is responsible for China's chaotic drug approval system is executed for taking over $900,000 in bribes.

July 18:
A TV station in Beijing displays a hot dog vendor using cardboard in his buns...of course this reporter was arrested and probably killed...damn censorship

August 1:
Mattel recalls one million toys due to lead in the paint

August 13:
The head of the company that sourced the tainted toys in China kills himself

August 14:
A managing director of over 200 McDonald's in Hong Kong is arrested for taking bribes from his food suppliers.

- Two weeks after the first Mattel recall, they recall another 18 million toys that contain lead paint or magnets that can be dislodged and swallowed.

August 20:
New Zealand finds dangerous levels of formaldehyde in some Chinese-made children's clothing...why on earth do you need formaldehyde to make kids clothes!?!?

A TV campaign is launched in China called "Believe in Made in China"...uh huh

Need I say more?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lets see how long I keep up with this

My first blog, lets see how long this lasts. I tend to be the person who starts everything new, just to start something new, and then 3 weeks later I'm too busy to continue! What can I say, I get bored.