Friday, September 21, 2007

Since when is shopping like Russian Roulette?

I never thought I’d live in a time when a child’s toy could kill me, how about tooth paste? Did you know, I went to Shoppers the other day and bought natural toothpaste! I looked at the ingredients of my Colgate Total and there is an antibacterial agent in there, which increases my resistance to antibiotics. So now brushing my teeth twice a day will put me at risk of dying from THE SUPER BUG! Give me a break.

Now lets shift gears and talk about China. I was sitting, waiting for my dad to meet me for coffee, reading my Marketing Mag, and to my shock a time line of the events of Chinese products was in front of my face. Here it goes, as per Marketing Magazine, written by Jeromy Lloyd (summarized by moi)…

March 16:
The pet food contamination, killed many pets with Melamine…very scary couple of weeks because my current baby is a cat.

April 12:
China is the worlds 2nd largest exporter…how do they get away with these things?

June 3:
Counterfeit toothpaste is found to contain Diethylene Glycol, a toxic ingredient in antifreeze…needless to say my right decision to buy all natural toothpaste

June 9:
Chine retaliates, they ban a delivery of pistachios containing ants from the US…yes, ants and toxic chemicals are EXACTLY the same thing…uh huh *extreme sarcasm intended* if you couldn’t tell

June 27:
China closes 180 food factories because health inspectors found industrial chemicals being used in everything from candy to seafood

I know it's really a day later but I'll finish this time-line now.

July 3:
Robert's American Gourmet Inc. finds seasoning, supplied by China of course, that contains salmonella

July 6:
A drug regulator that is responsible for China's chaotic drug approval system is executed for taking over $900,000 in bribes.

July 18:
A TV station in Beijing displays a hot dog vendor using cardboard in his buns...of course this reporter was arrested and probably killed...damn censorship

August 1:
Mattel recalls one million toys due to lead in the paint

August 13:
The head of the company that sourced the tainted toys in China kills himself

August 14:
A managing director of over 200 McDonald's in Hong Kong is arrested for taking bribes from his food suppliers.

- Two weeks after the first Mattel recall, they recall another 18 million toys that contain lead paint or magnets that can be dislodged and swallowed.

August 20:
New Zealand finds dangerous levels of formaldehyde in some Chinese-made children's clothing...why on earth do you need formaldehyde to make kids clothes!?!?

A TV campaign is launched in China called "Believe in Made in China"...uh huh

Need I say more?

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