Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Taking my time...

I forgot this morning that I did not have my car, due to one of our cars being broken I automatically lose mine. I woke up a little later thinking I could leave 5 minutes before work and make it on time. When I was fully awake I remembered I was on my own.

I quickly got ready, grabbed left over lasagna for lunch, threw oatmeal, sunflower seeds, raisins and brown sugar in my thermos and poured a cup of boiling water over it and ran out the door. That is the best breakfast because when I get to work the oatmeal is soft and raisins are all plump and juicy. Anyway, going between a light jog and brisk walk I did not have much time to enjoy my trip to work. However, I still noticed the world coming to life again after the cold winter. Buds on the trees, tulips blooming, those wonderful smells. Nature is breathtaking and truly amazing. I glance at these things...and then see a poor cat, dead on the side of the road, hit by a car. Another block away I see a bird, crumpled on the sidewalk, also probably hit by a car. Tears spring to my eyes for these poor creatures. Humans seem to destroy everything. However, if nature chose to do so, it could take us out with one swoop. I switched on the weather channel before I left the house this morning, fires and extremely strong winds in Florida...and then rain and devastating flooding in another area.

Respect it, enjoy it, because nature and the weather can be vengeful. The best part of my trot to work was coming around the corner by a park where the lawn was freshly cut. The smell from that grass and soil made me stop for a second...just to breath.

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