Saturday, April 28, 2012

Would I do it Again?

So the question is, if I went back to Tuesday this past week, would i do it again? Right now I think I'd say...I'm not sure. I do see the light at the end of the tunnel but after a day of sitting at my desk at work and 1.5 hours of standing mid day my foot is maaaaad at me!'

However...this morning it is better, I just wish I had better shoes and could walk and I think if I did it again I'd take out the part by my toe to be able to even wear flip flops. Just pointers for anyone considering the foot tattoo. You never think of how it will affect your life, not wearing shoes, how it dries in one position while I have it elevated and then I have to bend it to stand up. Bending causes pain and then we have the joyful bending pain added with the excruciating pain of the blood flow going back into it when you stand up! 

Now yes I know I did it to myself and I laugh every time I have to stop to breath slowly that I caused it. But life is short and the past few weeks have shown me it can end any second, so why not? Every bit of pain is a reminder that I'm alive...

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