Friday, June 8, 2012

My half asleep state...

So I wake up to the sound of a wasp. As I lay there with my eyes closed I can tell this is a huge wasp just by the sound of the buzz. Then I hear it bouncing against my screen on the window beside my bed and think, "Oh god, that fucker's inside the house!" In a panic, still half asleep I must note, I bolt out of bed and look at the window, I see him flying and hitting the screen. In a panic I start taking the screen out of the window at the head of my bed hoping if he makes it over there he'd get out. As I'm sitting there with the window wide open, screen in hand, I wake up a little more and I realize that he is actually outside, stuck between the glass and screen as both windows were open overnight. As he finally flies away I look over at the screenless window in front of me and suddenly think, "shit shit shit he can get in here!" I slam the screen against the frame just as this wasp flies around the corner of the house and arrives directly in front of me! This huge wasp starts bouncing against the screen I'm holding in place which isn't even straight in line with the frame. Luckily I was able to get it secured in place.

Needless to say I was then fully awake and my common sense had now returned. Interesting start to my morning after a horrible sleep and very strange dreams.

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