Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I always wish there was an extra few hours in each day. Too much I want to do but the commitments seem to take priority. Lately with sickness and death looming around me I keep saying I just need to be thankful I'm here and take it day by day. But living every day as it is your last is not always a good tidbit.
If that were the case I'd be drinking beer and playing video games each night only working enough to buy more beer and keep the power on! Instead I say live like you will for 100 more years. With this thought I exercise and eat well to be healthy when I'm old and not sick and crippled for my last years. Yet i enjoy food and indulge now and then as what is life without a few pleasures?! I keep my relationships maintained and my family close as I hope to see them for many more years. I work hard and continue my education so that I can provide for myself and any future family that joins me. I do things I've always wanted to do so that I can think of more adventures!

So don't live like today is your last. Live like it is one of many and today only writes the introduction and sets the scene for the next act and the days to follow. I will have no regrets when I die, because I'll be dead. But those I leave behind will have fond memories and my legacy will hopefully be a positive impact on the world.

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