Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It's happening!

Finally, some women want a burlesque photo shoot, others want pinup, couples, non eat all, me? Well I want a photoshoot as Jessica Rabbit! My shoot is booked very soon, and costs a lot. If I could find it in myself to ask for donations I would...but I can't for fear of disappointing anyone. Instead...stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

How much is "a lot"?

Squeezetoy said...

Well, $80 for photo shoot, $40 for makeup and lashes etc., $100 for dress, gloves, shoes, earings. That is just for the shoot, then after it's a cost per photo or $400 for the full disk of 70+ pictures with digital and printing rights and no watermark from the photographer. So out of pocket so far $240, then if I want anything other than watermarked low rez photos, will be a lot more.