Friday, February 21, 2014

I must be tired...

I'm normally a very light sleeper. Any noise and I'm up, once I'm up it is for a while and I struggle to fall asleep again. This morning my alarm went off. Instead of waking me up instantly the sound of my alarm meshed into my dream for almost 15 minutes. This is crazy to me as I never sleep through anything.

I cannot remember exactly what was going on in my dream, but I do remember my phone kept making this sound and it was supposedly this app making the noise. I was doing everything I could to make it stop. Turned the volume down, turned the phone off, and finally deleted the app. Apparently the app making this noise over and over in my dream was this farm game. For some reason mine was linked to the universe so when I deleted it all the crops in the world started dying! I was frantically trying to reinstall it while standing in some top secret government room when I finally woke up. Sure leaves a strange feeling, and I now hate my alarm sound. Time to change it!

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