Wednesday, March 8, 2017


So I have a MeUndies subscription. I dig their incredible soft and comfortable fabric and they are my casual day, relaxing undies. I love the no hassle delay option and ability to change colors too. Due to the elastic waistband, they don't offer a super smooth fit so I tend to not wear them when I'm wearing tight clothing with smooth lines. That being said my ass looks awesome in the cheekie style, I'll take what I can get!

Anyway, I noticed the other day that a pair of mine had 2 holes in them. The holes were directly in the fabric, not at a seam. I looked back to when they were purchased and seeing I bought them in June of last year I figured nothing could be done, but it doesn't hurt to ask. I sent a message and heard back same day from good old Neil. I informed of the holes, let him know I hand wash cycle in my machine and hang to dry. I have several pairs now and this is the only one that has an issue. He apologized and said that is abnormal and they want to make it right. He requested pics and bam, credit for another pair as they were out of stock of this particular pattern.

When I had logged into my account to look up when they were purchased, I noticed a subscription shipment that was sent out and seeing the pattern I suddenly realized I'd never actually received them! It was over 6 months ago, but I inquired about this as well. Again an apology and additional store credit. No hassle, no convincing, no arguing. There is a problem? I'm sorry! FIXED! I realize many try to abuse this system, however I am thankful when a company ensures their longterm customers are happy. No questions asked.

After my final contact with Neil I received a survey to rate his 5 stars for sure, upon giving him 5 stars I left a little note and then noticed I could reward Neil! What a fun idea. Thanks Neil!

I picked lunch.

Senseless product plug: try them out! First order gets 20% off.

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