Friday, May 4, 2018


Expo weekend has come and gone! This year I went with someone who was an incredible support for my cosplay. I have several costumes that I've designed and planned, put so much work into and never been able to wear to expo as the person I went with did not support me. They felt that if I were in costume they HAD to be and since they didn't have something to wear, I couldn't. This year was different.

I planned my Booker costume for Saturday only, yet was encouraged (and convinced) to wear my long standing Steampunk Fairy that I've never had the chance to wear at Expo. Glad I did! I had so many compliments and support for my fairy costume. Was a huge motivation to continue my cosplay journey, plan more costumes and even better my fairy for next year.

Support each other! Cosplay for you, not for others. No one commented on my Booker costume, but I still loved wearing it after the planning that went into it. I was proud of my design and version of Booker. Ideas swirling for next year already and I am so incredibly excited! Now just to find a bag of money...

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