Thursday, January 24, 2008

My turret needs a hug...

It has me in it's grasp! And I love it! After playing Unreal Tournament for a few years I had to decide between UT3 or...the beautiful Orange Box. I had tried the UT3 demo, and wasn't overly impressed. My new PC was a surprised, and bought for me to get back into UT, however the Orange Box had me in it's grasps. I tried Team Fortress 2 and was very surprised. I love it.

Who Is Squeezetoy (my TF2 identity):

I based my identity on the fact th
at I am a girl! It is a fact that I wanted to be known, yet I wanted a profile that would show I am good at the game, and I demand respect.

Squeezetoy identity was developed through Battlefield 1942, when we went and competed at Fragapalooza, making it to the semi finals! Then it made it's way through UT with the [USSR] clan which I competed with and we did quite well for a
bout a year. Now it finds it's way into TF2 where I hope to stay for a while.

My character of choice is the engineer, I love playing defense, however, it is a slow job at times and I am easily bored. The Soldier is something else I can handle, due to my years
of playing UT Instagib, I've developed my aim and can handle the rockets.

I've recently found my skill at being a medic. I never enjoyed that class until I found that I excelled at this task over all the others. Being a medic usually brings me to the top of the team, I die a lot less and it's uber-fun.

If you are a gamer that enjoys FPS, try TF2! It's fun, and the antics and personalities that were created with these characters makes for an entertaining time.

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