Friday, April 4, 2008

Can I follow you?

I often wonder how many people see someone that they are unexplainably attracted too. Now I'm not talking only physical attraction or having the hots for someone...more of a wanting to look at someone, be near them for no reason, when you don't even know them.

I remember, I was 15 and traveling through France, B
elgium and Holland visiting family. My mom and I went to tour an old church with my aunt. This church was amazing, after walking up stairs for 3 minutes just to get to the front door, I noticed a man standing in the doorway, looking up at the front of the building. He was probably in his late 20s to mid 30s, not overly attractive but for some reason I was drawn to him. I ended up following him around the church for an hour, just watching I wonder if he ever noticed, and if so, what he thought. He did not once turn to look at me, or seemed to even notice I was there.
These unexplainable attractions happen once in a while and I wonder where they come from. Just something that is left to chance? Chemistry? Something from another life perhaps? Someone that will have an impact in the future? Who knows. There is a lady who calls in at work who I could listen to all day. I do not know her well, and her voice isn't really that breathtaking...but for some reason I could just sit and listen to her talk. Good thing she's a chatty person.

Even online these unexplainable attraction can happen. It is amazing how you can be doing something and someone will say something to you and you pass by. You'll be doing the same thing, and a different person will say the exact same words...and it blossoms into an amazing friendship. What determines this chemistry? Why do we end up as friends with one person and not with another? I would like to know what draws people to each other? I've been told that it is based on looks and other factors, you go to those that you are attracted to. This is not true in many situations. And how can this be true on the internet?
I was in Tim Horton's this morning, and there was someone standing in the other line. I did not find them attractive in any way, but I could not stop looking at them, and when I did glance up, they were looking at me as well. We even both said hi at the same time as they passed by me to leave the building. I did not know them at all, but it felt like I did, from some place. And what about those people that you randomly run into all the time? There is a man around town, that I see everywhere. It seems that whenever I'm out, at the mall, getting groceries and other things, he's there. And I remember him because he's very eye catching, he has this amazing long gray hair...with this really young face. It's a curious look, your brain tells you that the youngness of the face and the oldness of his hair do not go together, yet your eyes tell you it just fits. I go to a music festival every year, and after 7 years of attending and camping in 5 different locations, EVERY SINGLE YEAR I end up camped next to the same group. It is never planned and I usually end up realizing it after everyone is set up. How do those things work? It is almost like you are tied together in the universe some how.

It still amazes me when you randomly meet someone, that you would expect to be so different, but you are drawn to them for no reason. After getting to know them, you find that you have insane amounts of things in common and you just cannot get enough of each other. After a few months you don't even remember exactly how you met and when and it feels likes you've known them forever! The universe is strange, and amazing.

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