Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I remember when spam only came in a can...

I remember, stepping into the computer room when I was in grade 4 and sitting at an old Apple computer. No color on these ones...just green text and pixelated. I remember playing the Oregon Trail and a matching game that sang the Turkey in the Del (or whatever that song was). We saved on this big 8" floppy disks...remember those? We'd have to be so careful not to touch the exposed section of the actual data and always had to touch metal to remove static before touching the computers. There were 3 out of 20 or so computers that were color and first person in the room got the color ones. I think I did once, it was exciting.

I also remember getting the internet for the first time. I think I was 11 or 12 years old. We had a table downstairs with the new computer that had replaced our Amega 2000 (I miss Emerald Mines). I remember sitting with my dad and watching a web site load for 15 minutes. In those days, ads were few and SPAM was non-existent. As the wold wide web began to grow it was infested with people hounding you. SPAM is basically
the use of mailing lists to blanket Usenet groups or private e-mail boxes with indiscrimination, unsolicited messages of a promotional nature. Let me check for you right now how much spam I have received in the last 24 hours...
The e-mail address I use for gaming and for my internet personality,
38 spams
My personal e-mail address
633 spams

Work e-mail
86 spams

Other work e-mail
125 spams

Well I guess I need more watches, better perfume, a bigger penis and to
send some stranger money so they can open a bank account in this country. I am getting over 800 SPAMS a day...this is insane. To top it off, I received one on my cell phone the other day! Some girl selling videos of her in the bath tub...

Ya know, companies are being terrible to their customers because a lot of the spam I receive is their fault. They sell name lists all the time. I worked for a few months for a company that visited new residence of the city. We received our list from the cable company, when someone changed their address they were flagged in the system and placed on our monthly list. And we paid for it. I often wonder who else is selling my name...and for what reason...

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