Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sunday Movie Night: Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

After reading the book I watched the Swedish version and was not impressed. I decided it was time to watch the American version and see if it met my expectations.

The first positive I knew, even before seeing the movie, was the casting met the image I had created in my mind of each character while reading. When reading the book I pictured Mikael in my mind as this oddly handsome man and Michael Nygvist did not meet the expectations my brain had imposed. Daniel Craig was a much better match for me, he has the rugged handsome that was needed. Lisbeth's was good in both movies but I felt Rooney Mara did an amazing job and she came out on top.

The American version stayed very close to the story line and there was only one difference that really bothered me (at the end). The story moved really quickly at the beginning and watching it with someone that knew nothing of the story resulted in me having to explain a few things, mostly about character development. There are a few sensitive scenes in the novel as we all know, and they were displayed on screen as they should be. Brutal and horrifying yet not providing more than the needed time and exposure.

I must say that the scene of Lisbeth's revenge on Bjurman was oh so satisfying and very well done.

I would highly recommend this movie and the book. This was one that was done well enough you will not be furious after going through both.

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