Saturday, March 31, 2012

FINALLY!! and FINALLY brings you to my blog! The process...well lets see.

March 22nd:
  • I entered the required information to redirect my custom domain to my Blogger blog, reviewed instructions from Godaddy and Blogger to ensure I completed everything correctly.
  • To ensure I had entered everything correctly I asked Godaddy support to check. I was told to wait 24-48 hours before asking for support.
March 23rd:
  • Waiting patiently checking every few hours
March 24th:
  • Requested support as it was not working 48 hours after making the changes
  • Godaddy replied with a standard e-mailing containing instructions, I scrolled through seeing everything I had already completed.
  • Advised Godaddy that I had already completed these steps.
  • Godaddy replied blaming Google for it not working, advising I contact them.
  • Searched and searched for a way to contact google and settled on posting on their support forums.
  • Back and forth with someone on the support forums for Google, made more changes still not working.
March 25th:
  • Decided to forward my domain instead of redirecting.
  • Made the changes according to Godaddy's online instructions
March 26th:
  • Asked for support as it is still not forwarding
  • Godaddy sends me the same instructions as are available online
March 27th:
  • Wait 24 hours and still not working
  • Godaddy advises I have the wrong IP for the A Record (even though I had followed their instructions earlier). They make the changes themselves and advise to wait 24-48 hours again
March 28th:
  • Still not working, I ask for assistance
  • Am advised to wait 24-48 hours before anyone will assist
March 29th:
  • is working but not I ask for assistance (tired of even checking my DNS anymore which I probably should have as I would have spotted the error)
  • Ask for support and am advised that everything is working fine and that I must submit screenshots
  • Reply it is not working and directs to an error page
March 30th:
  • Receive an e-mail from Godaddy support that my WWW CNAME had been removed so they fixed worked instantly after that, no more waiting 24 hours!
So finally it is working. 8 days of back and forth, wonder how much that cost them in staff hours of replying to my annoying e-mails. They could have just helped me in the first place. The redirect never did work and I am still unsure if it is Godaddy or Google's fault as they blame each other. Oh well, forwarding is fine. I think this is good enough motivation to not move my blog again!! GAH!

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