Sunday, July 3, 2016

Colt Express

Tried Colt Express last night and was pleasantly surprised. I love game nights, but am always resistant to learn new games. Always depends on who's teaching them, who I'm playing with and the actual game. Well I was surprised at how easy Cold Express was to learn and I love how you think you can have all this strategy, you make a huge plan and're punched and drop your bag of money. 

A group of bandits, each with their own special abilities, are on a train trying to loot each other. The person with the most cash at the end wins the game. We can punch and shoot each other, loot, ride horses, and run around the train. Oh and the sheriff is there too by the way, he's mean, he shoots and you are afraid of him!

This was a very entertaining game, not difficult to learn at all. The hardest part was remembering what were the generic game rules vs somebody's unique ability. I was 3rd place out of 6, the one who came in first had played many times before and the rest of us were all newbies to Colt Express.

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