Tuesday, August 16, 2016


So there is someone in the UK with my same name. My e-mail address is first.last@name.com, hers is firstlast@name.com and for some reason google does not differentiate between the two. I cannot help but wonder, considering how many of her e-mails I get, how many of mine does she get? This person is religious, takes part in youth camps, religious weekends and church groups. She shops...a lot. She goes on trips, makes hotel reservations and uses travel points. She signs up for so many frequent customer cards, point systems and discount cards.

I'm so tired of getting e-mails, spam, advertising, notifications of things she's buying, signing up for, reserving and being asked by churches to bring things, show up at certain times, volunteer for this and that. Google fix your shit! I need a new e-mail address, most people won't appreciate receiving correspondence from "Squeeze Toy". "Thank you Ms. Toy for your recent contact." Perfect and professional, right?

Now to either find a new e-mail provider or think of a new address that is available...then the horrible process of informing those who need to know of the change. Joy!


Anonymous said...

Interestingly enough, Google doesn't care about the periods. Technically no email provider should, since the period is supposed to be purged out when performing the actual send in SMTP.

Fun fact as well, Google lets you use plus signs for receiving email. So it is a cool way to tag emails coming from certain websites. Like Facebook has my email as geran+facebook@domain.tld.

Squeezetoy said...

Then why do they allow 2 e-mail addresses that are basically the same and what determines what e-mails go to first.last@name.com vs firstlast@name.com?