Friday, August 19, 2016

Suicide Squad

I finally saw Suicide Squad!! I am sad to say I didn't love it, however I didn't hate it. I was disappointed as it is very rushed. When you look at other superhero movies (Batman vs Superman, Marvel movies etc.) they put so much effort into the stories, explaining everything and everyone in detail. In Suicide Squad it was here's a tiny bit of information about each character, a little extra for key characters, and here's less information on the ones who will be killed off right away. Then it was GOOOOO!! SHOOT, EXPLOSION, BOSS FIGHT done...

That being said I LOVED Harley, she was just too cute and completely psychotic. Great casting. Harley and Deadshot are absolutely the spotlight characters. Deadshot's character had no depth, very shallow and I feel Will was just placed as the token guy as they need a leader, why not him. He sure ages gracefully though!

As many others have said, the lack of the Joker is disappointing. Jared Leto does a decent job as Joker from what little you do see. He's more of a crazy slime-ball, with good eyes, facial expressions and laugh for the part. On the other hand, Heath Ledger is still my favorite, he was the absolute perfect psychopath. Sad he's gone.
I'll watch it again, I enjoyed the action and the bit of comic relief. And Harley, oh Harley. I am hoping for bigger and better things for Justice League, I already feel like I know more about these characters coming into action than I do about those as part of the Suicide Squad. And of course I cannot wait for Wonder Woman! A great time for movies when you're a nerd!

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