Sunday, January 8, 2017

Cosplay planning begins

Started planning my cosplay for the expo. Not really into this one but I'm trying to get the most enjoyment out of it as I can. This is the event I was asked to go as flounder to accompany Ariel. As this isn't a character, movie or theme I like at all, I said I would only agree to do it if my steampunk seamstress could make the costume. I need to make it my own somehow.

Confirmed initial costume details with my seamstress, found a yellow wig to cut and style and started searching for little shorts to go with the costume. As I want frilly yellow shorts, I guess google decided that was considered underwear and this popped up...

I will admit I want them only so I can ask someone if they want to see my pussy. Then on the other hand I find them quite creepy...

New cosplay idea! I'll wear these, and walk around with a guy wearing these...who's in!?

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