Sunday, June 4, 2017

Wonder Woman

I had to catch it opening weekend! So...I liked it....but.... **SPOILER ALERT**

The movie was well done, fight scenes were great, Gal did incredibly. She's such a strong beautiful woman who's emotions play across her face so clearly. I love how they didn't hold back, fighting was equal and rough.

I could have, however, done without the love story. I enjoyed the banter between the two and the dialog was great. I hate how, at that point of loss where something harsh has to happen to provide the motivation for the lead character sheet to prevail, it was the death of her love that gave the push. She was there to protect humanity. She should have been in the dirt, about to lose everything, and she looks around at humans suffering and dying everywhere. That should have been her motivation!! Not the loss of her man. The naivety also drove me crazy, frustrated when she acted like she had no clue. I get that she was raised in a sheltered environment, had to experience love and blah blah blah...still.

Overall I enjoyed it, could have been a lot worse. Not bad for a first go. I look forward to seeing how things develop.

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Anonymous said...

I think it wasn't that it was a man, I think it was about she kept having her buttons pushed, she first lost all those people in that village before, that pissed her off, then she finally discovers love, and wham. It could have been a child, her mother, or Steve. Once something like is broken or lost in the midst of battle or even an argument, you might lose it and that's what triggered it.

I am sure you understand what I am saying. Think about being angry at something or someone and then they or someone says something that just pisses you off more. That adrenaline rush just pushes you over the edge sometimes.

I thought it was a great movie. Probably DC's best so far.