Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Some days are more difficult than others...some days remind me of how unhappy I am, completely stuck in this guilt, regret, defeated. Such is life...some days songs give me goosebumps. Other days, they bring sorrow.

So goes a day lost in my memories
It’s only fate some things are meant to be
Somethings are meant to be
Who needs to know
Looking for reasons when life casts a stone
Leaving me screaming inside

So much for love
Lost you in over again
Covered in blood
You had the sense to stay calm and contained
There's no sense in crying my blues for my brain
Leaving me standing outside

Show me a sign
Something that’s shining
Like the tears in your eyes
You can surprise me
Because I want to be
The one the one you return to
You just believe you’re not alone in the world

It’s only fate
It’s everything you bargained for

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