Saturday, October 7, 2017


I always thought flowers as gifts was a waste of money. I'd bring them home, they'd sit on my table, my cats would chew on them and puke up leaves on my bed, the flowers would wild and drop petals all over and then they would die. That being said, I an entirely fascinated with Orchids.

When a peer at work was moving to a new opportunity, she brought me an Orchid as a good bye and thank you. The flowers were beautiful and they bloomed for a long time. When the flowers died my office mate was going to chuck the plant. I saved it, it was still alive! I did some research to see if it would grow new buds and got some tips on caring for the plant. I cut the floral stems leaving the leaves. It has been growing for a few years now and I am forever hopeful new flowers will arrive.

I had another peer move onto exciting new things, she showed up this week with an orchid! I will continue hoping my first one blooms again while enjoying these new flowers. So gorgeous. 

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