Friday, February 29, 2008

Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder? Or is it just a spec of dust...

What happened in this world to have an image of beauty be a malnourished, woman who has no shape or child-bearing hips, breasts or thighs? Since when do have to be a size 5 or smaller in order to be "healthy"...what a crock.

Personally, if I am a size nine, exercise a min of 3 times a week, eat healthy, am
sick less then once a I not healthy? How come society is not allowing this. According to the Body Mass Index, my BMI is 25.8 and a normal weight is 18-24.9, which shows that I am just barely overweight.
Do I really look overweight? I have large hips and thighs but I have no fat that hangs over my pants or rolls when I stand...if I had no skin or muscles on my bones, I still doubt I could fit into a size 5.
I may not look like Tyra Banks, but I feel healthy. If only society would encourage me to be satisfied with my shape, and not make me feel terrible for the way I look. Sadly there is little hope for our future generations to grow up with a healthy self esteem. Children should learn to happy with themselves and if they grow up eating healthy and exercising they should have very little to worry about.
Personally, I am attracted to a more voluptuous woman. Shape is important to me, but for some reason I have a hard time accepting it on myself. Why is that? Years of being tormented in school as a child, from my brother, other sources? TV, magazines, movies, books... I wish I knew. Did you know Victoria's Secret chooses models based on women's tastes? Not mens, and most of these women are shapely and yet still in very good shape. Then again, why do most men my age tell me they are more attracted to a "healthy" woman, then the size 4 blond girl wearing a mask of make-up. Some beauty isn't real beauty...but I still wish I could at least see a little in myself...oh well. The most frustrating thing about it was brought to my attention in college. These girls in my class, sizes 1 to 5, ate fast food, did nothing, could barely walk across the college without dying they were in such bad shape. They also went drinking every weekend and ate out all the time yet were still small. These girls, half my size...yet I struggle, can not lose no matter how little I eat or how much I exercise. Then these girls look at me and say I need to lose some weight...give me a break. How about you run ten laps around the building and see if you have enough breath left to tell me that. I move on now, fighting back the low self esteem and hopefully it will not show through again...

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