Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Dammit Jim I'm a broad...not a damsel!

Don't give me that crap...don't call me cutie, baby doll, skirt, babe or piece. I am not a delicate flower and I don't need you to carry that for me. The stereotype needs to stop in this generation. Accept it, not all of us are the same...let me tell you:
  • I hate shopping
  • mmmm beer...(need I say more)
  • I change the tires and oil for my car
  • I'm a gamer
  • I love action movies and HATE chick flicks
  • I have one girlfriend (the rest are guys) and no we don't sit around wasting our time talking about boys, shoes OR make-up
  • I've never had a make-over, pedicure, manicure or spent time in a tanning booth
  • I've had my head shaved because my mom was tired of picking sticks and gum out of my hair
  • I have a dirtier mind then most guys I know
  • Camping....ooooh camping
  • I've taught all my boyfriends (the few that there were) how to gut a fish
A guy I dated took me to a Christmas party. We sat at the table and I ended up sitting with a bunch of guys beside me and he ended up with a bunch of girls beside him. Half an hour into the evening he looks over and says "Do you want to switch places so the girls can chat?" Are you kidding me? No I don't want to sit with the girls and chat...
Now don't get me wrong, I love to bake, garden and I do clean my house (sadly with not much choice) but that does not mean I cannot fend for myself. I also take care of myself, work out, dress nice and try my best to look nice. With this in mind I get up at 6:30 and leave the house at 7:15. This short time includes, shower, breakfast, getting ready (dressed, hair, make-up), feeding the cats, making my lunch and coffee. I lived with a girl roommate and she took a MINIMUM of 2 hours to get ready. No wonder you guys are so confused...

I worked in a department store with the logistics team who were all men. I was building a huge shelving unit, laying under it with my drill putting the pieces together. I stood up to lift up a section I had build and some dude, a customer, comes over and offers to do it for me. I also had other guys offer to carry the shelves for me. Give me a break man, get over yourself, I don't need you to do it for me. I also worked for an engineering company who
made heating elements. I was inside sales and inventory manager, well trained in the development of these heaters. I worked with only men and all our customers were men. I had at least 30 times someone call and says "Can I speak to a salesman?". After firmly explaining I can help them most complied. One guy actually said that he'd rather talk to a man...so I transferred him to the new guy, who had no clue what he was doing.
Now please, give me my sexy cars, video games and hot women...you can keep your make-up, diamonds and shoes. How dare you think I want to "chat" with the girls just because I have the same equipment...how dare you think I am not strong, and most of all don't you dare determine my interests. I'll do that for myself thanks. If I can survive business school, with classes of 80% males that are at least 5 years younger then me (and graduate with honors), I'm sure I can carry a shelf or build your heater.

Like any post, they spring from somewhere. Most of my posts are written out of interest, lust, frustration or anger. As you can tell, this one is based on the last 2 of the four. Just remember, not all girls are the same, and those of us who are very different will get very insulted and angry when you tell us we're just like the rest. Believe what you want because you'll end up with that girl that spends all your money, bitches in your ear, makes you late cause she's "primping" and never wants to get dirty.

Let me be equal, don't sensor around me and believe me, I've heard it all...

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Anonymous said...

nice post, it was good to read :) oh yeah, stereotypes. "why are you a programmer?! you're a girl!" (I like programming, idiot)
"it's a computer party with mainly boys. are you feeling OK here?"