Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Round 2

Back for some more acupuncture today. Was at a BBQ last night swarmed with mosquitoes so before getting dressed I was looking at my legs and back to examine the number of bites I had. Well I noticed this big circular dark blue/purple bruise on my ass. It is so dark it actually kind of shocked me. Apparently it's normal, if they accidentally pierce a vein the blood rises and stays under the surface of the skin.

I get to the office and go into the treatment room. The door opens and it's a lady, I recognize the voice as the female voice that said hi last appointment, face to the voice. I can't decide which is worse, a cute guy or an attractive woman sticking to me. She advises my other doctor is away today and she will be treating me. I get ready and lay on the table. This is a different room so instead of laying my hands in the leather straps this table has a little shelf/leather covered pad to rest my arms on. She returns and starts putting needles in. This time around it was much more painful. Some cause muscle spasms, others is shooting pain and the one she put in that bruise...ouch! Laying there was not as wonderful either, continuous pain made it take forever and interrupted my day dreams!

I'm curious if it was the change of doctors, or changes in my body that caused the differences this time around. Round 3 is Thursday...we'll see.

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