Friday, June 21, 2013

Sneaky Sneaky

I recently ordered a trial for a vitamin product as I've been looking for new daily vitamins since i stopping my previous ones. I always do a lot of research and am careful what I take. This particular company offers autoship plans so each month I would receive my supply. What I did not realize is when I ordered my first package, which was a trial for 15 days, it automatically signed me up for autoship. So at 4:00 AM this morning I received an e-mail that a month's supply is being charged to me and prepared for shipping. I haven't even received my 15 day trial yet! These are not cheap vitamins. In a panic this morning I called them. I asked to cancel the order and they advised I cannot as it has already gone out. I kind of expected this so I asked to cancel all future shipments until I've had a chance to actually try the product. She gave me an ultimatum...she'll give me 50% off this order and all future orders if I agree to keep the autoship in place for now and if I cancel before July 20th then no more will be sent. If I canceled today I'd pay full price for the product and receive no more. My decision was really a no brainer, I kept the autoship simply to receive 50% off on this order that I'd have to pay for anyway. I won't blame them for me not reading the fine print when ordering the trial. Very sneaky on her part...people who don't complain pay way too much and those that do complain think they got away with the bank because they are now getting such a good deal.

Now to put an alarm in my phone to cancel the autoship later...unless of course I love their vitamins. You win this round...

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