Thursday, June 20, 2013

A virginity taken...

I've been suffering from severe lower back pain. I'm fine during the day but when I sleep it gets horrible. Moving in the night is hell, just turning over is excruciating. I've been going to my chiropractor on a weekly basis and massage more than help. Last week my chiropractor basically told me there is nothing more she can do and I need to explore other options (however she wouldn't send me for an X-ray) so she referred me to an acupuncturist.

Never have been to one before I arrive on time to complete 20 min of paperwork. Waiting in the waiting room I hear my name called and look up to be met with a very good looking man. He introduces himself as the doc...oh great. We visit for 20 more minutes and then I find myself standing in this room with this good looking man's hands around my hips and his thumbs on my ass as I rotate lifting each leg. Apparently the joints where my legs and tailbone meet my hips are very inflamed. He explains to me how to lay on the bed and take off only my pants...of course I think "It's not every day a guy like that tells me to take my pants off!"

So I lay there, pantsless, waiting. I hear him outside the room explaining my case to someone. I hear him come in and he introduces another doc. I hear a female voice say hi, I respond hello as I look down through the table at my hands being supported by a leather strap (sounds kinky I know but it so isn't). He approaches the table explaining what he's doing as he lifts my shirt and pulls down the waistband on my undies (thinking oh of course I wore the comfy ones today). The needles start going in, some I don't feel and some feel like an electric shock! He finishes putting in 20 or so needles and then advises I need to lay there for 30 min. Really!? That long! I need to get to work! He tells me to have a nap and he'll see me next time. Yes of course my last impression of my first impression is my bare ass...wonderful.

Time went by so fast. I swear it was 5 min if that and she was doing the 15 min check...then I swear 2 min later it was done...needles coming out. I felt great, I could get off the table! 2 appointments booked for next week...if this works I swear I will forever recommend acupuncture as I've had so many people already try to fix my pain!

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