Friday, October 28, 2016

Dress rehersal!

Doing a trial run for the costume. Glad I did as there was a lot more too it than I expected. My wings have a heavy metal frame that is designed to slide into the back of a corset. As my costume has an underbust instead of a full corset it is too low for the wings. I did some research and brainstorming and decided the best would be to tie them directly to my body. So using ribbon I created a network across my body, then put on my shirt and slid the wings down the back neckline into the harness I'd created. I then went under the bottom of my shirt and attached ribbon to the base of the frame and secured that to my waist. Then tucked my shirt into my pantyhose (which I will say I haven't worn in over 15 years and doddled around the store for 20 minutes when I picked them up as I had no clue what I was doing) which secures the shirt from the frame popping it up. Then the skirt over top, and underbust over everything. Arm cuffs, necklace, aviator goggles, steampunk wing earrings, pixy shoes and I'm good to go!

I had intended to use a jetpack as well, which I'd created with water bottles. It was looking pretty neat, then I started figuring out the logistics of attaching it to me. I felt I needed a leather harness or something to attach it, it didn't quite fit right between the wings and with my long hair. It also covered up the laces of my underbust which look quite awesome. I decided to pass on the jetpack this time around, but may start the idea fresh in the new year in preparation for the expo. So excited! As always I'm open to creative criticism. 


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