Thursday, October 13, 2016


It took me years to get onto this leggings bandwagon, I'm sure I've stated that before. As they are comfortable I was never a fan, constantly worried about how they looked, what they showed, fabrics they were made of and so forth. Last year I bought several pairs of the cheap polyester leggings that are going around and started wearing them. They were comfortable and as long as I followed my own rule of my shirt covering my bum, I was confident.

A lot of my other clothing are made by 2 companies, Nomad Hempwear and Maha Devi Designs. I tend to buy things at their end of season sales as these brands are so pricy. Anything by these companies is absolutely worth the high ticket price, nothing like wearing bamboo and hemp. Well I couldn't resist these leggings, and I will never go from wearing hemp, bamboo and organic cotton leggings back to the cheap polyester kinds (I will however adorn my expensive polyester Deadpool, Master Chie and other themed leggings, shhhh). Such a difference in comfort, quality, wash/wear and designs. I love rocking this Digital Bark!

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