Sunday, October 30, 2016

First attempt done!

7 hours in costume, aviators hurt my head, wing harness worked fine but wingspan needs to be adjusted for bigger crowds, I need a holster with fairydust jar and a side bag, a different shirt and new necklace. Otherwise it was a success! I considered trying the jetpack again, however for the Expo I have someone willing to wear a steampunk Peterpan costume so he will be the one with the jetpack to keep up with me!

Planning stages have started, Pan and Tink will be day one of the expo. I was also asked to do a gender bender Little Mermaid themed play. I will be Flounder and will accompany a gender bent Ariel...this will be something new for me and exciting. Already contacted my costume designer and will start more attempts at making a lot of it myself.

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