Friday, May 25, 2012

Dark Shadows

Ok Tim Even though you are my favorite director/producer I will forgive certain 9. But I must say you sure missed out on some opportunities with Dark Shadows. I will give him props for the atmosphere, special effects and actor selection. However these pluses do not make up for the lack of story line and comedy. A vampire from the 1700s comes back in the 1970s and you don't run with that a little more? Sigh...

A few things to note, first I will say my dear Johnny is way hotter as a pirate! Then again the vampire thing never really did it for me at all.

Michelle Pfeiffer looks AMAZING for being 54 years old. I'm not sure she's changed and I could see some of the Catwoman qualities coming through in Dark Shadows. The other acceptable item I will admit is the casting of Eva Green as Angelique. The way she speaks drives me to the point of wanting to rip my ears off, however in this case she made an excellent witch. And staring at her body and seductive outfits made her almost bearable.

In the end, after all this pointless rambling, it was not horrible but it wasn't great. It could have been oh so much more and I'm sad Mr. Burton missed this opportunity. The bits of comedy were good and there should have been so much more! I love Burton films and have the same amount of strange in my taste for movies as he provides in them.

On a side note, for some reason during Dark Shadows I kept having flashbacks of Death Becomes her...that odd comedy horror I guess.

I guess he better make up for it with Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. I have high hopes for that one and you better not disappoint Timmy my boy!

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