Monday, May 28, 2012

Needing some new TV!

So with House ending I have an open slot in my frequented TV series. I still have Mad Men and The Office but I'm ready for something new.

I've tried Big Bang Theory and could never get into it. I'm much more an IT Crowd kind of girl. Tried 2 Broke Girls...I think it's called...and couldn't even get through the first episode! Yuck...

Now I did attempt Shameless, and that show is for sure a keeper! Very awesome. Any other suggestions? I do also enjoy the Finder but the storyline involving the characters is too weak and I don't stay interested enough to look forward to the next episode. It's more of a "well I have nothing else to watch" kind of show. I also have Game of Thrones waiting for me but find I need to be in a certain mindset to watch.

Some others that I've seen through to the end was:
-Scrubs (twice)
-Arrested Development (twice)
-the L Word
-6 Feet Under
-Dexter (the first few seasons...lost interest after the baby was born)
-Secret Diary of a Call Girl
-Weeds (3 times)
-Breaking Bad

...all I can think of right now. Anyone with similar taste offer suggestions? I've also wanted to check out more of Modern Family, I hear it's good.