Wednesday, February 13, 2013


So on my way to work this morning I see this nice white car pass me. The driver's side and passenger front windows are tinted...not just tinted but completely blackened out to the point that you cannot even tell there is an inside to the car. I mean the car was pretty nice and all but this bothers me as I was pulled over last year for having front tinted windows. Now my windows are so lightly tinted the ONLY way you would know is if you were in a position to see the windshield before viewing my car from the side...which that cop must have done. The back windows and those of the wagon portion are also tinted but darker to even lesson the notice-ability of the tinting of the front side windows.

So I get pulled over for that yet this joker is allowed to drive around with his completely black tints! least the cop was hot when I did get pulled over. I just need to find comfort in that I guess.

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