Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Horrible feeling...

There are a few things that I find the most horrible feelings in the I'm experiencing one right now I will share them with you.
  1. Cutting my toenail too short...cut my big toenail too short before dance class, I can barely walk with a shoe on! Awful feeling.
  2. Paper slicing into your skin. Cardboard is even worse!
  3. My Cayenne pepper pill opening up in my stomach when I just realize I hadn't drank enough water or ate after taking the pill. It burns!
  4. Having my nail bend forward or backward *shudder*.
  5. Having someone pulling up on my nails, one reason manicures are difficult to sit through as they often file the nail that way.
  6. My hair hanging in my eyes
  7. Biting my tongue or lip.
  8. That moment where you have a horrible realization or hear devastating news and you feel like you could throw up.
I could go on and discuss things like listening to someone chew their nails etc. as that makes me want to punch them in the head but I'll stop here. I'm curious to hear others most hated feelings.

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