Thursday, February 7, 2013

Remind me...

Remind me not to buy nail fashion again. I always wish I were more girly. Whenever I go to the bank I'm always looking at the teller's nails and wishing I could keep mine so nicely manicured. And as my various posts of different nail polish and failed attempts most know I suck at doing my own nails.

I've often seen these nail fashion stickers on the shelves at the drugstore and finally decided to try them out. $10 later I'm at home opening the box. Well...lets just say they are crap. I went through at least 5 stickers, lining them up and pressing them on very carefully. The result was a bubbly sticker lifting on the edges. The actual material is too thick to be smooth or even look remotely like good nail art. So please...remind me never to buy this again!

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