Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Bought my first pair of skinny jeans and boots. Well first off I was not expecting the jeans to even fit! Don't think I've ever fit into that size so I was amazed. These are the thoughts that traveled through my brain as I pulled on these jeans:

1. Why the fuck can I not even get these jeans over my heal, this is like pulling on a latex gimp costume for crying out loud!

2. Oh great now I have to shimmy them up my leg like pantyhose.

3. Oh sure the legs I have to work at and then they just go the rest of the way easy when I'm just about to give up...and I can do them up!

4. Why the he'll do women wear these things!? That was way too much work to get dressed.

5. Now how the hell do I get them off.

Then I proceeded to put the boots on and bravely approached the mirror. Ok...I think I get it. They looked pretty good. They reminded me of stories an old college instructor used to tell of wearing jeans in the 70s so tight she had to lay on the bed and pull the zipper up with a plyers. At least now we have spandex blended in to make them more comfortable. Not sure I'm ready to hang up my Keens and bootlegs I keep them or pay to ship them back for return. There are times I wished I enjoyed shopping and would go to the store instead of stubbornly buying online when I need something new...

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