Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Come on...

Took a few hours off this morning to sit in my favorite coffee shop and start my next book club book. I should have stayed there all day. I love my job and I'm an extremely hard working and dedicated person at work and in my personal life. Some days are just there to make you feel useless and unappreciated I guess.

My mom always said that life has cycles, you may go up a hill but you always have to go down to get the momentum to climb the next hill. Well I'm getting tired of being at the mid point on my decent. Part of my problem is that the things and people that make me feel like I've reached the top, I cannot have around all the time. So when they are gone it adds to the feeling of rolling downhill. I realize I can go lower and I should really just be thankful and happy where I'm at. Maybe just a hug and a push upward?

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